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Selling/Trading riven mods for Opticor and Laser Rifle

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I can post pictures if you are interested. Both are unrolled. 

The Laser Rifle mod (for the wyrm sentinel weapons) is called Laser Rifle Hexanok, and it boost status chance, and punch through and decreases flight speed. This mod is MR15 locked. 

The other mod is for the Opticor, called Opticor Deci-Zetitox, it has +toxin damage, + status duration and - weapon recoil. This mod is MR9 locked. 

I can provide pictures and full stat numbers if anyone is interested in these. I am looking to either sell them, or ideally, trade them for a decent Amprex riven mod, or a not so great amprex riven mod that is at least unrolled. 

Please pm me or message me in this thread if interested, thanks for reading! 

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12 hours ago, VahreiAthus said:

i'll take that opticor mod. how much you looking for for it?

I'm not really sure where to start in terms of asking price since riven mods are so new and there are so many different stat variations that will eventually have differently tiered values once everyone figures them out. 

I can do some research on the price myself, and in the meantime, if you make an offer I will at least suggest a counter offer. I know it is hard to figure out the value of these newer items, so I want people to feel they can negotiate without scorn. 

I would also be willing to trade it for an unrolled amprex mod, even if the given stats are kind of poor. 

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