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Second dream Glitch


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Last night i played  through The Second Dream, when i got to the cut scene there you find your Tenno body  there was a surprised glitch, it start with my Tenno being dressed in the outfit i put on her, That was a plus, but when she fell of the  set and went to crawl to my frame there was the  original awoke outfit  on her it was like both outfits are trying to take the same space at the same time. i see an If statement missing. once my frame lifted my Tenno from the floor my Tenno  body  was in my Tenno hand as i was in my frames arms. Once the scene was finished and i started my walk I found I was in my Tenno arms and my frame was standing behind me as i started to move I carried my Tenno self in my Tenno arms. made it to the first door way but was shot by the sentential killing  both Tennos.  I revived  but what came up was my frame moving normally just with no weapons and no Tenno. I took a screen  shot and it can be viewed at WWW.Facebook.com/cynthiats01 in my photos  and don't  judge. I love Warframe. Keep up the awesome work. I thought you might want to know this. I played The Second Dream after i had finished The War Within  thanks  


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