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[Pc-Contest/give-Away] "let Me Buy That Item For You!" - Week 33 - OFFICIAL FORM EDITION, READ OP!!!


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Hello everybody!!

Welcome to week 33 of my biweekly contest!! All the info you need are listed below.

1. Form: use the following form to place your entry, all the info are inside it; note that this is MANDATORY, otherwise I can't consider your entry valid.


2. Special week 31 bonuses:

None was scheduled so far, so I'll put some in on my own:

- Kuva armor collection by Siralextraffo

- Kuva Kavat&Kubrow armor by Siralextraffo

- Any Kuva cosmetic, (single unit,no mega bundle allowed) by Siralextraffo 

Please note that these 3 bonuses will push me over the daily gifts limit, which is 8, so I'll have to send them the next day, don't panic if you don't receive them right after the draw!

If you wish to donate or contribute please write an email to  siralexwfcontest@gmail.com

3. Rules:

- 1st prize is any market item or Prime set, capped at 1000p; you can't ask multiple items here, only 1 item or 1 set

- 2nd prize is any market item or Prime part capped at 200p; you can ask multiple items here, just be aware that the more you ask the longer it'll take for me to deliver gifts to other players, as there's a cap of 8 daily gifts we can send, so if a winner asks me more than one item it will mean someone else will get the gift the next day.

- I pickup 4x 1st prize winners and 4x 2nd prize winners; bonus prizes are usually directly dealt with by users offering them 

- I host this every 2 weeks, it'll last approx 24h

- Mods, Tennogen, Arcanes and Syndicate stuff are currently not an option as 1st or 2nd prize.


I think that's it, I tried to simplify a bit the OP too, as the old one was a bit confusing, let me know if I can improve it more.

Last but not least, a huge, huge thank to  prideswrath for creating the form and bringing the contest to a new level!!

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8 minutes ago, Stalker_Cake said:

so... are the zombies nice once you get to know them?

They are indeed, once you are past the 10th beer/whiskey and if you don't mind the smell. Bearing in mind that at that point your smell is probably not so good either.

Edited by siralextraffo
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9 minutes ago, secret9005 said:

I submitted my form, but I went to check it out, and I can't seem to find it in the results.

I tried finding it using the CTRL+F function, but I can't find my name.

Your entry is there!

secret9005 Continuity Collection Forma Bundle x5 Kuva armor collection by Siralextraffo Thank you for this, have a nice day!
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