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Player Character Not Seems As A Players~


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about 30 mins before the creation of this thread.


i was doing Merrow (2-man), after using the revive due to death and afterwards killing the boss, we rush back to extraction point~


on the way back to extraction point, some how the Door do not open for me, i ask to be unlocked but there's isn't any lock-down~


the monsters/enemies seems to be wonder around some weird spot and ignore my every existence, am able to damage them but they refuses to return fire. (i killed all of them too~ but no exp coming out from them)


i am able to chat to the other player~


am able to see and follow him but he cant see me even when i'm in-front spamming jump-attack~


somehow out of no where i die again for no reason~ used the revive again and this time my ally can see me~ door open for me now~


is this an known bug?? or somehow new?? cause this bug make me wasted 2 revive~

why i dont stay dead? cause i looted a saryn helm bp :P

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