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[SPOILER] Guess your Operator can die for good


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This one happend during the Sorties. After falling through the ground repeatedly, after calling my Operator, I lost my Warframe and was only able to play my Operator anymore. I couldn't switch back and when I lost my Health I entered Bleedout, one time the timer ran out, I lost a life and respawned...again as my Operator. Actually a funny bug, but I guess mostly because my friends didn't really need my help to win the mission. But falling to the outside of the map still happens a bit too often to feel safe when using your operator ;)




PS: If only Void-Beam was a secondary :D

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I experienced a similar bug a few moments ago. I was farming a Kuva Siphon (Rusulka Capture on Sedna) and my frame died just as I switched to my operator. For the rest of the mission I could not switch back into my frame and was stuck as the operator.

However, whenever my operator ran out of health, it was instantly restored to full without having to use a revive. I was able to walk to the exit after what I estimate to be several hundred operator deaths. It was pretty amusing, I wish I had the foresight to take video.

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