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No Relic Reward, when end Mission with Operator out


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Hey all,

just done a Void Relic mission, collected all 10 Reactans and waited for the rest of the squad at Extract Point.

Me and another Guy took our Operator out and fooled around while waiting, as the last Guy arrived, there were only two Rewards to choose for those of the squad, who did not the operator thing.

After reviewing shadow-play Video, I've observed that, if you have 10 reactans and pull out your Operator the Interface is showing 0/10 Reactans - if you switch back it's 10/10 again.

I'm pretty sure, the other guy, who didn't get a Reward, had 10 Reactans too.


This is not a big bug, since it only occurs if you are fooling around, but maybe it's easy to solve...

as said, I can provide video evidence, if needed.





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