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Toxic Lash not being applied to ranged melees


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The main issue is that Sayrn's 3 ability "Toxic Lash" is not applying the bonus toxic damage or the subsequent toxic proc to a few types of ranged melee attacks. 

These include - 

1. The thrown portion of the Glaive category of weapons.

2. The explosion effect caused by power throw on Glaive weapons.

3. The ranged attacks of the Gunblade category of weapons. Previously it applied to each pellet fired before the Sarpa was released.

Unsure about whether it's affecting the continuous damage of the Orvius' special attack or the subsequent explosion. Haven't built it yet to test, but it's worth checking. My assumption is that it also won't work with toxic lash.

Easily recreatable. Just try to do any of these attacks against an enemy with toxic lash active. Would include a video, but I don't have the simulacrum yet. 

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