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Archwing bug,in RAID mission "The Verdict of Gordos".


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Good day! Mission RAID "verdict Gordos" is a mistake, when you go into archwing mode and back. The players appear with no archwing , and there should be a archwing mode. Unfortunately, this error is repeated constantly on a mission the RAID (parts 1 and 3). This mission impossible to complete. Please correct this error.

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Actually, no 


When you get to the 3rd part, you have no AW, then you have to go inside jordas then go out to get your AW back 


 you can use your AW weapons and your WF powers, and normal movement too in this bug. Reviving won't solve it and not all people get it 


 and no, it's not impossible, me and my raid team done it a couple of times with the bug 

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