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Rank 21 mastery test mission not working


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The mastery test for rank 21 (kill the enemies while melee attacking the orbs for extra time) isn't working. The orbs aren't showing up at all and neither are the enemies. I tried going through it (in practice) several times and only one enemy spawned (the first time) and never again after that. I have done this mission before, so I know how it worked and that it used to work, but just to be sure I put on all my mods that gave me "Enemy Radar" for a total of 78 enemy radar, and still nothing. I then applied all my "Loot Radar" mods for a total of 72 loot radar, even though those were not necessary to have the mele orb show up on the map before, and still saw nothing. I do believe something is broke. I'm not super frustrated at the moment, but I would like to level up at some point.

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