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Request: Spoiler-tagged posts are obscured until hovered or are click-to-reveal


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There are a ton of spoiler posts every time there's an update, but TWW has caused an incredible amount of them in many different subforums. My concern / complaint is that even though the posts are tagged as spoilers, the thread titles themselves are spoilers in many cases. 

Reddit uses a spoiler tagging system that changes the thread title link to be blocked out based on the theme being displayed. An example would be bright blue background with the text invisible until hovered, when it becomes the same as the normal title text and link. This helps avoid thread titles from spoiling things.

It would be much easier to have something like this, or even a click-to-reveal instead of a hover, than to expect users, some of which only come to the forums to make specific posts like one-off bug reports or feedback posts, to not create a spoilery thread title.

It may seem like this is minor (and yes, I've been spoiled on stuff via other means, which is how I know the titles are spoilers), but it is an issue for people that are actively trying to avoid spoiling anything. Abstaining from any form of community ad infinitum (Reddit, the forums, etc.) should not be the only option available to mitigate this. 

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