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I've just completed "The War Within" and it is by far the best story I've seen in a game so far, however it took me a long time to actually do stuff in the transcended form. Before the quest was added I had recently put all my focus into Chimera Breath, but when I went into transcended form in the quest/missions, it didn't work. Also, in videos online, near the end when you have to get out of the cave, there are the doors that need your beam to open; there was one video in which a guy could open them by clicking on them for not even a second, whereas for me it took 2 minutes with each door because I had to wait for the energy. I understand that this is a relatively new upgrade for Warframe but if someone could explain why the transcended form is more powerful for others and why the upgrades from focus don't work. To add to it, in the transcended form, my character is always zoomed in and always walks, he can't run even if I press the sprint key and the sprint/roll key. Any responses are helpful.

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