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The Second Dream Progression Bug


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This morning I was working on completing "The Second Dream" quest. After doing the last part of the quest where I had to "Save the Reservoir", I got to the cutscene with Lotus, and created my Tenno, chose my school, etc. After all this, it said "Quest Complete", and brought me back to my ship. When I returned, Lotus said the same thing she said before completing the last part of the quest, so I checked my star chart, and it still said I had to go and "Save the Reservoir". Thinking that it may be the next part of the quest, I went to do it and found that it was indeed what I had just completed. I tried restarting my game but the problem didn't go away. I reached out to a few players and searched the forums but couldn't find a solution.

Any help would be much appreciated!


Edit: After playing for a bit I realized I had access to my Focus ability, but the quest is still saying its not complete.

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