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Zarr Christmas Skin!


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Have you ever aimed the Zarr high? Shot straight up? Well, maybe once or twice isn't a total waste of ammunition... see, by now most people know the Zarr in cannon mode shoots one large projectile that after a certain time explodes and releases a bunch of smaller explosive bits and pieces. In juxtaposition to the current day and season (however bleak right now) the connection might be especially obvious - Fireworks! The only thing you'd need to do if you want to get this new beast into it's proper christmas clothing in time for December is to tweak a few little things and turn it into a real-deal budget fireworks launcher. It'd be sure to be the apple of your eye - a slight particle change, hot-glue a pair of red and green christmas lights on it and voilà: a christmas skin that (if you don't mind horribly butchered Swedish idioms) is something to hang in the Christmas Tree. A proper newcomer to the wintery skin family, taking place next to the Sonicor and Glaxion with festive gusto. The ethos and symbolism is clear: reckless use of the Zarr leads to, say, a "predicament" of the lethal kind. This holds true in reality. Stay safe when you fire off fireworks in Christmas! However, fireworks are not the sole feat this weapon can perform, though. The Barrage mode must not be forgotten. The Snowflake particle effects from the Festive scythe are already in the game: use them! Make this close range shotgun into a happy little snow cannon, blasting special snowflakes over Special Snowflakes.

In conclusion, Zarr is already a weapon with a perfect pair of fire modes - a recolour and some particle changes and you got a long range fireworks and short range snow cannon, sure to send the most cold-hearted Grineer Ebby Scrooge into a sentimental fit of sudden, snowy X-mas feeling. It is, after all, only a month and some stray days until the Big Day, whether you celebrate the 24'th or 25'th (or not at all, wish you the best too).

How about that for a casual suggestion? A "Festive Zarr". A preemptive thanks for your consideration if you've read this. Thank.

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