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All Archwing missions bugged


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Every Archwing mission i've played since the war within update has had this glitch.

If a non-host player dies and uses a revive they revive as their warframe, not their archwing, they can use their frame abilities but still have archwing weapons. The host doesn't seem to be affected by this glitch. since i'm horrible at trying to explain this i recorded a video to show you what i mean, i think i make more sense in the video ^^"

Click Here to watch the video i recorded.

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I can confirm this. It happened to me in the Jordas Golem Assassination mission. I could not pickup items to regain lost health or energy and my movement was severly hindered to the point where I couldn't revive my teammate in time.

I also recorded a video of mine with this glitch appearing. DE, if you are watching this, please read the description of the video and please watch 97% of it to get a full understanding of what happens during this glitch. The music comes from my Steam Overlay. I uploaded the video raw.


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