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Point Of View - Hitscan Weapon Bug - Shooting Behind Corner


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This is possibly exploitable, as players are able to fire from behind the corner and remain un-hitable from enemy.


Plain and simple, hitscan weapons (bullet-type weapons that hit a target in exact second you press the trigger - no ballistics) are capable of shooting trough walls - more exactly, behind corner as demonstated on images below...



Bullet flies trough the wall/corner and hits a lancer behind it.




If you dont believe, here you got image from left-side, where you can see bullet effect flying somehow through, even if the weapon is in the box and you can see fire effect going inside the box itself -> hitscan target area is bound to a crosshair, bullet path is calculated via crosshair aswell, not from actual weapon.




Just for comparison, projectile based weapon - despair, unable to fire around the corner.






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Well, since the enemy does the same, its only fair :p

If AI does it, it's a bug.

If we do it, its exploiting.

Therefor i would not call it fair, although the joke is there. :P


But yes, maps have spots that enemies are able to shoot trough and we are not.

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I get your point, I was kinda distracted by that big Derp Face on the back of Loki's helmet.


In all seriousness, it is just the collision meshes for terrain, is a block inside of the complicated model we see. Simpler allows for the game to run smoother, now think of it in this way when you run around seeing complex models now and in the future.

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as much of it being an exploit due to the firing system they way it is and being a 3rd person shooter almost every 3rd person shooter has been able to do this to a certain extent but this being the one which is most exploitable 

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