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Brood Mother Maggots


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Was doing an invasion and was taking endless damage, wasn't sure what it was. So naturally, I tested it.

Currently Brood Mother maggots will endlessly damage you, even after you've rolled/melee'd and killed them. This occurs until you die or finish the mission. As a side note, the Brood Mother also isn't playing it's "fall over dead and poop out babies" animation, and instead floats in the air in the default T-pose until it despawns. I was able to repeat the bug through multiple attempts, even after a game restart.



Where: Tethys (Invasion)

Who: Ember(regular). If it matters, with a Zarr, Akstiletto Prime, and Redeemer. Carrier Prime as companion. No other players.

When: Literally 5 minutes ago.

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Huh, that could well be why this has resurfaced lately..
Another report with some more details over here:

First noticed it when I got my Frost Prime recently, then again just now with my new Nova Prime, and another guy said he got it towards the end of the match.

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