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Potential progression stopper in a Riven mod challenge


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I ran into something interesting today. I got a new Riven mod from today's Sortie (yay my second mod), and my challenge was to scan a Simaris target. However, already had a Simaris target ready to turn in, and Simaris tells me that i have to wait a while, and now i can't get a target. Which i pressume means "come back tomorrow"

Is there another way to get a target? Or am i boned?

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35 minutes ago, ScorchedIce said:

All i'm saying is that i shouldn't depend on someone else's target because of this.

Not exactly a progression "stopper" as your title states, merely a delay and one that is easily afforded.  When I saw the title I was expecting an actual halt to progression, something that literally prevents unlocking the mod.

This is nothing.  Yeah you wacked up and finished your target for the day too soon and now have to wait, but that isn't the fault of the mod's challenge or its system.  

Sorry to sound harsh but your title is quite misleading.

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