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Exalted Blade shutout


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Glitch using Exalted Blade during a sortie mission a corpus nullify bubble, instead of stopping the ability, caused the power to stop but didn't switch back to other weapons. Seemed to lock in a strange stance with melee weapon drawn but held above my head and wouldn't allow me to attack or anything but run around. Jumping off a ledge once gave back weapons but if activated EB again it went back to being weapons frozen, and unable to deactivate it. Running into a magnetic anomaly so that there wasn't any power to fuel it actually made it so melee attacks while weapons were frozen made the EB sound effect and didn't shoot any blades out. Gaining energy above 35 seemed to randomly allow blades to fly but not every time and it was kind of hard to tell if it was doing anything. At this point I was amazed I was still alive and figured dying might fix the problem so I let myself go down and had my primary weapon equipped while down. OABX27v.jpg

Got revived so the problem persisted, tried to die again and secondary weapons came out as they should have. Reviving again with about 5 seconds left in the match to see if the problem was fixed seemed silly.

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