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WTB Your mods for platinum Week of 11/28 [List of what I currently want]


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Add me on Xbox one @RayRod 1108 and message me if you are willing to sell me any of the following mods:



x1 Continuity [SOLD]

x1 Natural Talent [SOLD]

x1 Transient Fortitude

x1 Blind Rage

x1 Rage [SOLD]

x1 Narrow Minded

x1 Power Drift

x1 Speed Drift

x1 Fleeting Expertise

x1 Overextended

x1 Quick Thinking [SOLD]

x1 Vigor

x1 Rejuvenation

x1 Steel Charge

x1 Voltaic Strike

x1 Virulent Scourge

x1 Vicious Frost

x999 Any primed mods (except ammo mutations)


I will cross out the ones that have already been sold to me soon. Sell me as many as you can!




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