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TWW, 1- st Kuva Fortress, Finale~


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After 2 bug-skipped missions I lost all hope not without reason.
Picture froze right before room with Queens, 2 times. Sound worked as if nothing happened, I heard alarms going off and footsteps but thats it.
On 3-rd attempt I ran as fast as I could and passed into the room, when operators face showed up, picture froze just like before.
On 4-th attempt I repeated speed-run and cutscene gone as far as Teshin threw a glaive. Then it froze again. And after 2mins of me facepalming, game crashed(WAR-1104429).
Like, what in the name of Satan?..
By trial and error I came up with conclusion that F6(or screenshot in general) is the reason in some way. 

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