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Extracting as operator makes you lose ALL affinity in mission!


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Can confirm, happened to me several times.

This is possible whenever you have a choice of extracting or not; this can't happen in extractions you have to walk into.

The game doesn't revert operator mode and I assume the game is just unable to pass a certain condition and we are rewarded no affinity but all other rewards.

You also don't get the contents of your relic in endless relic missions, even if you have collected all the reactant.

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Also, if you're a CC or power abusing warframe (Rhino, Nova, Mag, Nyx, etc) Operator cancels out all buffs when going into that mode and coming back, regardless if he/she dies or not. Be warned ladies and gentlemen, hold off on TWW for a bit...


Yay 19.5 fixed it, though the rest is still relevant.

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