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Curiosity: Titania


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Alternative title: 'Hey! Listen!'

Fair warning, I like putting human heads on warframes, do forgive me. [Edit] Click for larger size! [Edit]



"I wonder who's in there..."

I just wanted to use the pose for something, and it was way more fun to do this than the other ideas I'd had ^^

Also, I can't draw mecha of any kind, I suck at it, so Rhino kicked my butt big time...

Hope you guys like it!

Edited by Thaylien
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1 hour ago, trunks013 said:

i actualy do this joke ingame with titania rly often.

1 hour ago, ChargeBeam said:

Paint Titania bright blue, always stay on your friends shoulder.

Have done, will continue to do ^^

20 minutes ago, TheMetrocop said:

oh god finally a non-anime fanart 

you have saved my forsaken soul

Kinda wish I could cartoon sometimes, then I remember that I didn't spend ten years studying anatomy to do that to myself XD

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8 minutes ago, Thaylien said:

It's too late, Metro-senpai, I have seen too much... I am now a Z-fighter who is also half wolf weilding Cloud's sword that he gifted to me after the Grand Universe Tournament.



yeah if we're to continue this we might as well go to off-topic because mods despise my already 5-warning-point arse

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