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Rejoining Mission


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After multiple raids, failed, because of unable to rejoin due to the buggy game and the game itself not allowing player to rejoin after an "objective is completed" no matter what, unless the person alt + F4 and hopefully the game detects you as disconnected and pop the rejoin question; what's the decision behind the way how player cannot rejoin a mission after the "objective is completed"? I'm talking about multi stage raids, or long survival/defense session where the game either crashed, or the connection went bad and you are booted to the menu, hoping the game pop the rejoin window but apparently not, then the host re-invites you but nope, can't rejoin, since the "objective is already completed"

It's really, really aggravating how S#&$ty the way the game either detects the player on whether they can rejoin or not, or having the rejoin window pops up waaay later on or on the same time you pressed the Escape button making it counts as a "No" but you actually wants to, especially when doing Jordas Verdict that's full of bugs and time consuming. :facepalm:

Why does players can't rejoin a game from host invitation? 

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