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Belenus World Record Broken


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   Today, a group of quaserians embarked on a journey that would test the current world record of belenus and destroy it. The previous record: 137 was destroyed and currently the team is at 160 waves as of 4:06 PM Eastern American Time. They plan to achieve 300+ waves in Belenus and set the bar for defense missions beyond the record as far as they can achieve to the best of their ability. You may watch their stream at : https://www.twitch.tv/wfobi

Fantastic job to --Q--Prince, --Q--Obi, --Q--Animan8000 and --Q--Savvoki

Also one thing to mention, they were giving away 1.2k platinum in the stream to a lucky individual.


EDIT: Attempt Complete, ending result 220 waves


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5 minutes ago, FlyingLlama said:

I assume people here realize these records reset fairly often, right? Far longer records have been set previously, with equally cheesy tactics.

Yea, I totally agree.

The only thing is that the previous "record breaker" claimed that they were "setting" the record. Like nobody ever did a long run in void defense. 

We just want to show them what real number crushing is :D

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Good Job, Quasars Prince, Obi, Animan8000 and Savvoki.


Throw the showboaters (wgrates and Daniel) out, Quasars hope you out do them. I hope you get to the Lv 9999 cap.

Congrats to Quasars for Streaming on Twitch and showing how the defense is done.

Side Note: Go Animan, get em'.

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We will have to try 220+ as for there setup Trinity|Banshe|Equinox|Frost which has been copied from ps4 1yr ago 100 waves T4 Def. I Congratulate u did 220 but i don't respect setup stealers. & the turrets around the pod for shooting at sonar spots & to take down nully bubbles fast easy way to make things quicker thats all they did PS: Its Thirsy from ps4 made that setup

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