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Riven mod miscalsulates reload speed


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I have a riven mod for the simulor that has + 48.4% reload speed. The reload speed on the simulor is 2.0 seconds.

2.0 seconds * .484 = .968 or .97

That means the reload speed should be 1.03 seconds. But it shows up as 1.3 seconds.

1.3 seconds is only only a 35% increase in reload speed, not a 48.4% increase.


Am I missing something on how reload speed is calculated?

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anyway was goofing around.. soo

What if you have an exactly -100% reload speed on a riven... would your reload be equal to zero?

reload speed = x / 1+ reload bonus, 1-1 = 0 and x/0 = 0?...

any one tested this yet?

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