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We need a better trading system or at least a better chat system for trading


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So currently there are 4 ways to advertise trades and with the addition of riven mods it has become pretty clear we need to refine the trading system beyond what it currently is. 

Chat, Exceptionally messy and hard for anyone to see what you are selling or buying. Just a really big spam list of information and limited to anyone in the chat who happens to see your chat message. 

Maroo's Bazaar. You can afk in the bazaar but of course you are waiting for someone to go there, not really efficient and pretty limited on the players who will see the trade. And at least for me buggy.

The forums. Where you can make posts on what you want to sell or buy, or both, and players can search key words. Impossible for players to quickly search through, limited to people on the forums, hard to contact buyers or sellers, easy for things to become outdated and end up being useless. 

Third party websites. Much more efficient to use than other options but they are limited to the player base that uses them, still present a problem with contacting the seller or buyer, and require the site owner to update it as new content comes. 

I think what would be best, but also hardest to do is give each player the option to mark items they want to sell or buy and have that searchable ingame by item. Aka I want mod x, I search for mod x, and all mod x's for sale from currently online players is shown. This of course is a giant step for the dev team and would probably never happen.


So the second best option. Split trade chat into its own chat block/hud element and split chat channels by item type, prime parts, mods types, ect Or setup a filter system based on the linked system where a buyer or seller can limit what they see to only what interests them, aka anything marked with [riven mod], or [Soma], or [Serration] is visible to the player.


Either way the current system is well past its limits on what it can handle, with the introduction of riven mods a whole new category has been added along with a sub category for each weapon that has a riven mod and it is near impossible to actually find what you want to buy, the forums works but its limited to the people on it, and third party websites have to do a complete overhaul for the randomness of the riven mods. 

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I'd like something like the galactic trading system in SWTOR. 

You've something, you put it up - people buy it directly without even needing to contact you in the first place unless they want to make price adjustments and negotiate or set up trades for items instead of currency.

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