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Invincible Tenno


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while I was doing the simaris chroma mission, for whatever reason I tapped 5 just as my warframe died, and it put me in tenno form with my warframe dead. I walked around for a few moments and as soon as my health hit zero, it reset, and I realized I was invincible. it was one of the wierdest moments I've ever had, and I hope DE hears me out on this.


also, do I get a cookie for finding this? :smile:

Edit: I also tried to go to extraction and it froze my game up. I couldn't do anything. yaaaaaaaay.

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this exact thing has happened to me as well twice already today while engaging kuva siphons.  and operator freezes just before extraction and cannot do anything when trying to leave.  i did get knocked to extraction and mission completed once, but the other time i was stuck in a corner and just beaten on until i had to close game from task manager.

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