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If you wanna talk about crappy riven mod rolls...


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3 minutes ago, Keltik0ne said:

Sire, I feel your pain, I got one for a weapon I don't have, that adds stats it doesn't use and takes away damage (which it does).

Just throw it in the useless mods pile.

Or you can get the weapon and reroll the mod for better stats :/

I do feel bad for OP though, I suggest keeping it for now cause maybe in the future he may be allowed to reroll completely somehow.

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This is a remaining problem with Riven mods: the fact that they can roll stats for weapons which are literally not applicable to that weapon class in any way. Extra magazine size for bows, and the above mod are excellent examples.

A riven mod should not be required to be instantly re-rolled as soon as it is unveiled because the stats do not apply to a weapon in any way. The Dev Workshop post even went as far to say that they want people to try the Riven mods they get first time, before "embarking on the journey" for the perfect roll. If this is the case, then the system is currently failing to meet that goal.

(Also, rolling for sentinel weapons ought to go as well)

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