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Riven Disposition, who got what?



I do not own a riven mod for many of the weapons which have them, as such I don't know how strong each rifle's disposition is. If we all post a weapon's disposition we'll have a complete list before long.


If one such list already exists, please link me.


Making a spreadsheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1KkeZQyXBKe7x59ZWqo3tF0j4EJ6XUovWfecwxR6WhD0/edit?usp=sharing


This is EDITABLE, please do not post information that you have not PERSONALLY VERIFIED

Edit: Link to spreadsheet added to Wiki page on Riven Mods

Edit 2: Thanks to everyone who worked on the spread sheet, in less than a day It's already expanded far beyond anything I could have done.

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Dread: Faint

Quanta Vandal: Faint

I'm not even slightly surprised about Dread, but rather surprised about the Quanta. It didn't seem that great to me, and I was looking forward to revisiting it with better stats. (Not that I can't, but the faint trait means they won't be as much of an improvement.)

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Buzlok : Strong
Zhuge : Neutral (I said Faint? before but I didn't know how to "read" the new disposition system.. now I do)

The sad part is negative effects got buffed ALSO.. which is really unnessessary.

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Fixed mistake with Zhuge disposition
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my snipetron riven mod actually did not changed at all, as in it was not touched by disposition. i have a list of before and after if someone is interested



Latron Igni-acriata    +85.4% Heat, +139.8% Damage, +107.3% Critical Damage, -42.7% Zoom, Mastery 8, Polarity D 18
Sybaris Manti-ampicron +34.6% Ammo max, +36.6 Corpus damage, +102.1 Crit chance, mastery 8, Polarity - 18
Burston Deci-vexipha   +72.2% Status Duration, +64% electricity, +62.8% Heat, mastery 16, Polarity D 18
Miter Sati-acritox     +89.2% Multishot, +112.6% Critical Damage, +77.8% Toxin, -97.1% Impact, mastery 10, Polarity V 18
Grinlok Zeti-Vexiton   +68.3% Electricity, -73.2% Weapon Recoil, +81.5% Impact, Mastery 14, Polarity D 18
Harpak Magnadra        +54.7% Fire rate, +121.3% Impact, Mastery 15, Polarity - 18
Hind Hexa-Ampitio      +86.1% Status Chance, +81.9% Electricity, +46.8% Ammo maximum, -46.6% zoom, Mastery 14, Polarity - 18
Snipetron Toxi-armatis +81.6% Critical Damage, +73.2% Toxin, +38.5% MAgazine capacity, MAstery 15, Polarity D 18
Amprex Satitron        +50.4% Damage to corpus, +113.7% Multishot, +41.9% Weapon recoil, Mastery 13, Polarity - 18
Simulor Visi-deciada   +44.1% damage to infested, +99.8% Status Duration, +168.1% Damage, -40.2% Magazine capacity, Mastery 11, Polarity V 18
Tetra Hexa-argican     +77.3% Multishot, +83.2% Status chance, +40% Damage to grineer, -35.3% damage to corpus, Mastery 14, Polarity D 18
Harpak Argi-toxidra    +85.1% Toxin, +51.4% Fire rate, +43% damage to grineer, -123.8% damage, Mastery 9, Polarity - 18


Latron Igni-acriata    +91.4 Heat, +149.6% damage, +114.8 crit damage, -45 zoom
Sybaris Manti-ampicron +31 ammo max, +32.8 corpus, +91.3 crit chance
Burston Deci-vexipha   +84.9 status duration, +75.2 electricity, +73.7 heat
Miter Sati-acritox     +126.7 multishot, +159.9 crit damage, +110.5 toxin, -137.9 impact
Grinlok Zeti-Vexiton   +85.1 electricity, -91.1 weapon recoil, +101.5 impact
Harpak Magnadra        +75.7 fire rate, +168 impact
Hind Hexa-Ampitio      +122.2 status chance, +116.2 electricity, +66.5 ammo max, -66.2 zoom
Snipetron Toxi-armatis +81.6 crit daamge, +73.2 toxin, +38.5 magazine capacity
Amprex Satitron        +48.7 damage to corpus, +109.7 multishot, +40.4 weapon recoil
Simulor Visi-deciada   +28.7 damage to infested, +64.9 status duration, +109.3 damage, -26.1 magazine capacity
Tetra Hexa-argican     +104.3 multishot, +112.4 status chance, +54 damage to grineer, -47.6 damage to corpus
Harpak Argi-toxidra    +117.8 toxin, +71.2 fire rate, +59.5 damage to grineer, -171.5 damage


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