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Nullifier awareness changes and panicking enemies


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The War Within added some changes to enemy awareness, and while I can handle most of them (even if I do disagree with the current level of sensitivity), this one is just plain annoying.

On 11/11/2016 at 10:02 PM, [DE]Megan said:
  • Fixed some general behaviour with enemies regarding awareness of their environment:
    • Nullifiers now notice and investigate their bubble taking damage 
    • Enemies will notice and investigate corpses
    • Enemies affected by Coolant Leak will notice that they've been frozen/slowed

Nullifiers appear to notice the bubble taking damage after the second hit (or just have very delayed reaction). This is basically a hard stop on the stealth combo because now the only way to kill a Nullifier without it noticing you is to walk into its bubble from behind, which is simply not feasible in practice unless you somehow manage to catch a Nullifier alone (because it will definitely notice all of the dead bodies around it if it wasn't alone).

This in itself wasn't too bad. Nobody cares to use Corpus missions for stealth combo affinity farming anyways because of the sheer number of middle fingers the Corpus already gives your stealth combo attempts.

What really bothers me is the fact that "investigating their bubble taking damage" means "running around like a madman" when the Nullifier cannot find you. Even if you do keep the fact that Nullifiers will notice their bubbles taking damage, can you at least change their behavior when alerted (before taking damage) to stand in place (or even put their back to the closest wall or something) and look around?


This also applies to a lot of other enemies that, when alerted and unable to find you, run around panicked for several seconds before finding cover, sometimes two tiles away. In particular, a lot of weaker Grineer and Corpus units will do this when taking damage from a syndicate burst despite not even being alerted.

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