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*Temporally Closed* Reserve Legacy (Mountain Clan) is recruiting! 100% Research done! Respectful, active and helpful to all members. Part of Phoenix Dynasty Alliance. All are welcome! Join Legacy today! Leaderboard Mountain Clan!

(XBOX)Heroic Vigilant

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latest?cb=20151113210140  Reserve Legacy (Mountain Clan), Sister Clan to Reserve!

Clan Introduction:

  • Reserve Legacy is the sister clan to Reserve, the third best moon clan on Xbox, check them out here. The goal is to increase the Reserve Community and have room for as many people that want to be apart of us. This clan was founded by Heroic Thief, and is run by some of the previous officers of Reserve. Reserve didn't expect to get so big that we would need to make another clan to expand our community. We are one of the top Mountain clans on xbox. We help everyone we can and hope to improve this clan and enhance everyone's experience.

Activity Rule:

  • Activity is a very important thing, especially when we increase to a moon. To help encourage this we have a kick day. What is a kick day you may ask? Simple, a kick day is a day when the leaders will go in and see who has been offline for a certain period of time. For us it is 10 days. So if you are offline for 10 days in a row, we will unfortunately   have to remove you. But are you allowed back in? Of course, its nothing personal, just trying to encourage activity. If removed, you can message any of the leaders listed below for an invite to return to the clan.

Clan Ranks:



Legacy Overwatch-Warlord: Overlord is the highest rank that is possible to receive in Legacy. At the moment we don't have a number of how many there will be, but currently there is one. They are the face of the clan leadership and are known throughout both Legacy and Reserve. This isn't just handed out, you have to be extremely active, helpful, and friendly all you meet. The main responsibility is recruitment of new members. We have room for four Overlords.

Heroic Revolt: Chat Moderator, Founder, Warlord, Recruiter

Heroic Vigilant: Chat Moderator, Co-Founder, Recruiter, Warlord

Legacy Adviser-Co-Leader: Grand Adviser is the second highest rank in Legacy. This rank is for dedicated members that are passionate about the clan and want to do more for the clan. This rank is given to those that stand out from the crowd and do everything in their power to help other members. They keep the clan organized and often discuss what can be done to make the clan better. They are recruiters and veteran players. We have room for four Grand Advisers

N7 Vermin: Chat Moderator, Recruiter

Legacy Council: High Council clan members are truly elders and are some of the most experienced people in the clan waiting for a spot to become a Grand Adviser in the clan. They tend to take care of things either the leader or co-leaders are to busy or unable to deal with.

Legacy Elder: Elder is the highest officer in the clan, they are some of the most active members outside of the core leadership of the clan. They are some of the most friendly members and are willing to help at any time. Meaning they will drop what they are doing to help clan mates out. They are trusted by the leaders and are treated as a High Council.

Legacy Blade: Heroes of War are a very respected rank in Legacy. This is a more difficult rank to earn for officers since you must be very active. This is earned by being helpful to others. We want you help the members as much as possible to increase your reputation in the clan.

Legacy Hero: This is the first officer rank you can achieve. If you are Mastery Rank 20+ you start as this rank since you are more experienced than most members. These clan mates are helpful, friendly, and active and will help others in clan chat when others need help.

Legacy Warrior: This is the main rank that most members will have. The only requirement being you are MasteryRank 4+. This is to show that you have experience in the game and are looking to get promoted.

Legacy Runaway: This is meant for new players in the clan. The name is not meant to be offensive (we swear). They tend to have lots of questions may ask for help often in clan chat. These members are the most important to the clan since we want to help them learn and grow in their experience of playing Warframe. This rank is given to players Mastery Ranks 3 and lower. 

Clan ranking system:


So you want to rank up in the clan? Well its easier than you might think. First for the Coward rank is simple, increase your mastery and get to MR4 to become an Adventurer, which is MR 4 and up. If you want to get promoted in Legacy you just need to be active and helpful, maybe even recruit a few people. And when you do that, just go ahead and message one of the leaders explaining your good deeds. Now if you want to get higher than that and be an officer rank, you need to be one of the most active and helpful members in the clan.



We are a part of the Phoenix Dynasty Alliance. It is a very active and helpful alliance. We ask that you refrain from begging/asking for platinum, harassing, racism, hate speech, and vulgar language. Help each other out! We do allow buying and selling in alliance chat. The founding clan of the alliance is Jolan Tru. We currently have 57 clans in the alliance. most clans are very small. The alliance has another moon clan in it, Reserve, our brother clan, the third best moon clan.

Solar Rails:


Most people that are new to the game probably have no idea what solar rails and how they used to work. While most old players eagerly await the return of solar rail conflicts. When that does happen we plan on being apart of it, much like Reserve. With a strong alliance and clan, we are prepared for rail day and hope to see you on our side.



Yes, we do raids. The current status of this is setting up a team to help teach both raids to players so we can eventually run raids everyday. If you have questions about raids please ask one of the leaders or officers about them.



We do have members that play conclave, Warframe's PvP. This includes actual PvP and Lunaro, a rocket league-like game mode. Ever so often members may ask for groups to run conclave, so keep a look out.



We hope to see more and more people join Reserve Legacy! If you have any questions that were not answered above, please feel free to post them and we will try to get to them as soon as possible. We look forward to seeing you on Warframe! #WeAreLegacy


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19 minutes ago, (XB1)ELIMENTALIST said:

Hey guys. New to warframe and looking to be active and social. Your clan sounds good. Would like to know more

What else would you like to know about the clan we will answer all the questions you have about the clan! I also sent you an invite to the clan!

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