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[Minor TWW Spoilers] Corpus Cinematic Quest Script - The Quorum


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Now I don't hold any actual illusions that this would be implemented in any form, but I think it at least shows what I think would be a good way to execute a Corpus themed quest, expand their lore and background, introduce the much requested 'Corpus City' tileset, and naturally lead into the direction I PERSONALLY perceive the story to be headed. There are some curveballs I threw in with no basis, but in general, I think this would be a fitting way to expand established lore.

Now as another note, this script/quest layout is MASSIVE and intentionally so. There is tons of room for things to be removed, and a somewhat fitting point where the script can be broken into two parts (I think it's obvious where). To see what parts I think could easily be removed as well as the script itself, see the following spoiler.

  1. The entire relay fight and archwing pursuit section. - A novel idea, but doesn't inherently add anything to the story. Additionally, the early use of archwing might sour people's experience from the get-go, so it's a risky move. This first section was intended to serve as a method of delivering a couple cool set pieces, but is ultimately more work where it isn't needed. Instead, a simple change to dialogue could easily lead into the section following this.
  2. The 'Crewman' / 'Obvious fan-pandering Jiyaan Prodman in all but name' insert - Again, a novel idea, but one that isn't necessary. An additional mini-boss with semi-new mechanics is a lot more work for fan pandering. While I'm super biased and would love it solely to see him in game, I can also objectively admit that it's an easy and obvious drop from the plot.
  3. The morality choice regarding the civilian transports - This section serves as merely a way to paint the Tenno as characters that might not always make the best decisions. I think it's an interesting place to go story-wise, but I also understand it's somewhat shoe-horned in here. For some players it would likely serve as an unfair bait-and-switch to simply say "AHA! GOTCHA!" While to others it would be so obvious as to almost be condescending. While I'd personally like to see a genuine "You messed up hard, Tenno" in the game, I'm sure a more eloquent approach could be taken.
  4. Much of the dialogue/expansion on the Corpus backstory - There is a LOT of dialogue in this. Too much, probably. Much of it is somewhat abrupt and blatant exposition to world-build the Corpus or other lore, and while I do think that is necessary in some form, a major cinematic quest may not be the best time for it, nor blatant exposition the best method.

As said in the spoiler, this quest is EXTREMELY wordy, so there is definitely a need for some dialogue snipping. Additionally, I tried to put gameplay segments around existing systems to prevent the need of additional ground-up gameplay outside of a couple set pieces, but I'm not a game designer so it might not be the most fun to actually PLAY.

Lastly, there are some minor hints and spoilers for The War Within, so be cautious.

But, without further ado, here is my idea for the Corpus cinematic quest, "The Quorum"

Part 1 - Intro Cinematic


[Scene opens on the Corpus boardroom. Dozens of tiered semi-circle seats seats stretch upwards into darkness, with only a dull glow revealing the members. Faint murmuring trails into the scene, at the end of a previous item on the board's extensive agenda. At the front seat of the chamber, the main Chairman  sits, comparatively well lit compared to his colleagues. The Chairman bears an all encompassing helmet, similar to a Comba, that completely masks his head and neck.]

Chairman - And with that, my colleagues, I think we can progress to the next item on the itinerary.

[A large holographic display appears of various Corpus calendars and solar charts, suspended in the middle of the chamber]

Chairman - As you are aware, the bicentennial alignment is upon us, and coincides most splendidly with the void tithes.

And yet...we have still not achieved Quorum.

Unseen speaker 1 - We have acolytes clamoring for the position, why not take one of them?

Unseen speaker 2 - A most promising candidate from my robotics division has expressed interest. I'm sure he'd be a more than suitable candidate!

Chairman - Impossible, I am afraid. They are not yet educated in our affairs, and besides, we all know the rites of preservation must be upheld.

Unseen speaker 3 - Rites that are, by my accounts, un-achieveable! We will have to wait until the next alignment and attempt to raise a replacement yes? Marcorvio, your betrothed is with child, isn't she?

Unseen speaker 4 - Yes, though the child will not be finished developing for several more months.

Chairman - well past the alignment. My colleagues, I have taken great care in watching the void projections for some time, and I fear that there will not BE another alignment. The path has decayed, and this is our final chance to repair it.

Unseen speaker 2 - so we are supposed to just do nothing then? Rites be dammed, we will make do, as is our way!

[A murmur arises amongst the crowd, the Chairman gestures to calm them]

Chairman - There is no need for that. For we still have a candidate for the quorum who is suitable, if not somewhat...unruly..

The son of our very own Frohd Behk.

[A murmur arises again in the crowd, this time more intense]

Unseen speaker 4 - that SMUGGLER? Outrageous! There must be another way!

Chairman - I am afraid not. And now, Frohd, it falls to you to turn your son back to our ways. Will you do this for our people? Or is my faith misplaced?

Frohd - No...It is not...If that is what it takes...then I will make him see reason.

[Cut to black]

Mission Waypoint 1 - Talk to Darvo at the Relay.


[Transmission from Darvo]

Darvo - Hey, Tenno, listen...I...I need to ask you a favor. I know, I know, I owe you big time. But trust me, this one is personal.
Meet me at the relay, I'd rather not talk over the radio, too many prying eyes this time of the cycle...

Lotus - He seems...upset... You had better see what he wants.

Tenno - And should I...you know...'talk' to him?

Lotus - I would advise against that. For the most part, your true nature is unknown. I trust Darvo, but if he-

Tenno - I get it. I'll just...play the strong silent type.

[Upon arriving at the relay and meeting with Darvo]

Darvo - Tenno! Just the person I wanted to see! Now, about that favor I mentioned...

[Cutscene triggers] (Note: At this point, other players in the relay will despawn and an empty quest-specific relay will be generated)

Hehe, sorry about the mess, I would have had Clem clean up a bit before you came, but he's off doing some big important mission for the Meridian or something, I wasn't listening, You know how wordy he can get sometimes! haha!..ha...

Lotus - Darvo. What's going on?

Darvo - Oh, Lotus! You're listening too, huh? Great...just..great...

Lotus - Darvo.

Darvo - Alright alright, fine. Tenno it's...it's about my dad...He's been sending me all these transmissions asking me to go back to the board and all that, except he's been a lot more...desperate recently... Talking about some old Corpus ritual and how I need to be there. He's not normally this agitated.

Lotus - And you're afraid he'll try and take you again?

Darvo - AFRAID? Me? Never! But I am worried about HIM. Tenno, I want you to try and get aboard his private capital ship near Mars. Get some info on him. See if he's in trouble, ya know? I mean... he's still my dad and all.

I'll send the waypoints of his usual sector to your cephalon, see what you can find.

Oh, and Tenno, be careful. Corpus get desperate around the void tithes, they're all looking for a big bonus.

[Cutscene ends]

Mission Waypoint 2 - Return to your Liset.


Darvo (in-game) - Thanks again Tenno. It means a lot to me. I'll be sure to give you something extra-special for this, 75% off! Haha...

[Once the player leaves the second floor, a large explosion racks the relay]

Tenno - What was THAT?

Ordis - The relay is being attacked! I'll start the engines, get back to the hangar as soon as you can, Operator!

Tenno - No, we need to stand and fight. If we let the Grineer take this, they'll be more emboldened than ever!

Lotus - My sensors are reading massive quantities of...Corpus?

Tenno - The Corpus are here? They never would have risked a direct attack like this before, why are they being so bold all of the sudden?

Lotus - I'm not certain. Darvo mentioned the Corpus getting more desperate recently.

Tenno - No...there here FOR Darvo! I have to get back to him!

Lotus - Power for the concourse is offline, and the gravity shafts are blocked. You'll need to work your way around through the maintenance ports.

Mission Waypoint 3 - Find an alternate path to the second floor


(Player would fight against high level Corpus through a short custom map to get to the second floor. Syndicate and relay workers would join in the fray as well.)

[Upon arriving back in Darvo's shop, the player sees multiple dead crewman scattered across the store as well as a massive hole in the back port where his stash used to be. Through the hole, a Corpus transport is docked. Several crewman can be seen loading an unconscious Darvo onto the transport, guarded by a massive, heavily armored crewman who glances at the Tenno before shutting the hatch and flying away.]

Tenno - NO!

Lotus - It's too late, they're out of range. Ordis, bring the Landing craft to the Operator, pursue that transport.

Tenno - No, they'll spot us and retaliate before we can catch up. I'm using the archwing. Ordis, meet me in the open.

[Approaching the hole triggers a brief transition animation]

[The Tenno jumps out of the dock and into open space, catching the archwing as Ordis performs a fly-by]

Ordis - Operator, I think this is an extremely- STUPID - risky decision! Besides, I thought you hated flying!

Tenno - It's good to stretch my wings every now and then, right?

Mission Waypoint 4 - Pursue the transport


(Players would fight against mid-level Corpus enemies in the pursuit)

Lotus - Ignore the drones, they're trying to distract you. Pursue the transport as fast as you can.

[After following the transport for a period of time]

Lotus (static) - Th-r- i- a massiv-- void inte--rence near th- ship.

Ordis (static) - Oper-tor some---ing MASSI-VE is comi-g out of punch!

[Suddenly, an enormous capital ship emerges from punch in front of the Tenno]


Frohd Behk - Tenno, this is a family matter. You have interfered before, and I allowed your transgressions.

But this time, I will NOT, be so forgiving.

Retreat now, or there WILL be consequences.

Lotus - Tenno, you can't take on an entire capital ship alone. This isn't like a Fomorian. Fall back.

Tenno - But, Darvo!-

Lotus - I know. We'll find another way.

Ordis - Coming in for extraction.

[Player extracts and returns to Orbiter]


Mission Waypoint 5 - Stowaway on the Corpus transport.


Tenno - We can't just let them take him!

Lotus - I know, but he is too well defended for us to attack head on. We have to bide our time.

Tenno - Where are they taking him then?

Lotus - If what Darvo was saying is true, then they're taking him to the Corpus board.

Tenno - On their home-world?

Louts - Correct. But the major Corpus settlements are equipped with the most advanced sensors and equipment, even with void masking Ordis wouldn't be able to get you close.

Ordis - Rude!

Tenno - So what, then? We can't attack them head on, and we can't wait for them to drop their guard. How are we going to recover him?

Maroo - Heyo! I heard someone was in desperate need of a more 'subtle touch?'

Tenno - Maroo?

Lotus - She's been to the capital city before. She can get you inside.

Maroo - That's right, tin-stuff! And the best part is, it's EASY. No stress, no mess, and we get to ride in style! All YOU have to do is clear a path through one of the shipping transport's cargo holds, and we can stowaway in the lower compartments. It'll be great!

Tenno - With no alarms?

Lotus - I can remotely partition off the cargo segments, but you'll need to clear each room before countermeasures can react. It will be risky, but it's our best shot.

Tenno - Then we'll take it. Ordis, when's the next ship passing through the rail?

Ordis - Well, judging from local radio chatter, there should be one at the Mars rail right now perfect for- COMPLETE SLAUGHTER - a clandestine infiltration! I will update your navigation console.

(Players will then have to clear a high-level Corpus ship without attracting attention. If players trip the alarms, they will have a period of time to clear the room and deactivate security before the mission fails. For this reason, a pre-determined tile-layout and enemy positioning would be ideal, but not completely necessary)

[After clearing through the ship the player arrives at the cargo hold]

[Cutscene triggers]

[Maroo disguised as a crewman comes out from behind the storage boxes.]

Maroo - Hey-hey! What took you so long Tenno, I thought you were supposed to be good at this stuff?

[The Tenno faces her with an aggressive pose]

Maroo - WHOAH! HEY! It's me! Your ol' pal Maroo?

Neat disguise, huh? I nabbed it out of one of their locker-rooms. I would have got you one too, but...yeah...

[The Tenno, maintaining silence waves off Maroo. They both walk to a wall and sit.]

Maroo - So...Tenno....Know any good songs?

[Exterior shot of the transport flying towards Neptune]

[Shot fades into a Corpus penitentiary, the wardens open a doorway and Frohd Behk walks through. His face is furrowed and clearly displays stress as he walks towards an occupied cell at the end of the hall. As the camera approaches, Darvo can be seen lounging in the cell.]

Darvo - You know, dad, I get that I'm your son and all, but this is really too much. Rolling out the welcome mat like this is enough to make me blush.

Frohd - Darvo-

Darvo - Listen, I'd love to reminisce with you, but I have a board hearing not long from now and I want to be well rested for my execution...

[Darvo rolls onto his side away from Frohd]

Frohd - And you continue to act like a petulant child...I had thought the academies had trained you better, but I see I was wrong. All the sacrifices I made for you, and you still hold this disgusting sense of entitlement. Was it not enough, Darvo? Did I not endure enough for you?

[Darvo stands up and approaches Frohd, furious]

Darvo - Don't. You don't GET to play martyr. I never asked to be a replacement, but you decided I was going to be anyway. Kiorn dies and you opt for the next best thing, right? Whatever you can do to keep your legacy going on right? Don't pretend for a second that this is about anything other than your own selfish, greedy, pathe-

[Frohd backhands Darvo and sends him to the floor. His jaw is firmly set, he is fighting to control the anger taking hold.]

Frohd - How. Dare. You soil his memory like that. If your mother-

Darvo - Well she died with him, dad. It's just you and me now. The son you never wanted and the father who can't let go. You really think they're going to let me live after this? After all I've done? You're more deluded than I thought.

[Darvo slowly sits back down on his bunk]

Frohd - We will discuss this later, when you are willing to see reason.

Darvo - Then I won't see you until appraisal, will I?

[Frohd pauses after taking in a breath, as if to speak, but then regains composure and leaves the cell. Outside the cell he grips his forehead and stares at the ground for a moment, then fastens his helmet and leaves the cell block.]

[Scene fades out and the Corpus settlement can be seen. Numerous banners and holographic displays illuminate the area, all bearing advertisements and reminders of holy doctrine. The camera cuts to the ship in dock and the Tenno and Maroo can be seen sneaking through the cargo hold, with Maroo struggling with her helmet. Player control is returned.]

[Cutscene Ends]

Mission Waypoint 6 - Find and hack an Identifier Chip


Maroo - Stars! I can't move for a damn in this thing! How do the Corpus work like this?

Okay Tenno, here's the plan. We split up, and I'll walk you through the whole process.

We need to get you an identifier chip. Getting out of here wont be easy without it, especially not with the void tithes and all.

Lotus - An identifier?

Maroo - Yeah! Most Corpus get 'em pretty young. Surgically implanted credit chip into their forearm. Says it pays the way to the void, records the true value of their life cycle, all that nonsense.
Point is, it's also an extremely complex identification system, and on the big settlements like these, you ain't goin' nowhere without one.

Usually you can find one in the birthing labs. It'll be blank, but I can hack it for ya.

Lotus - You heard her, Tenno. Make your way to the birthing labs, and try to avoid security.

(The player must proceed through the new tileset and attempt to avoid security. No major penalties will occur if security is tripped, but combat will significantly increase.)

[The player reaches the first birthing clinic. Numerous in-vitro tubes can be seen arranged in a methodical fashion, with automated proxies maneuvering them throughout the area. (nothing graphic)]

Tenno - This...is where Corpus are born?

Lotus - Corpus parents choose their child's traits before carrying them to term. With this, they eliminate any undesired genetic defects that could develop later.

Maroo - yeah, creeps me right out!

Tenno - It's so...cold...It's not that different from the Grineer, is it?

[To progress, Tenno must deactivate several security terminals in the area, essentially a modified spy tile.]

[After obtaining the identification chip]

Lotus - That's the identification chip.

Maroo - Great! Now find your way to a main security terminal and I'll bypass their system and give you your new digs!

Shouldn't be too hard, security is pretty light during the tithes.

Lotus - What are these Void Tithes, Maroo?

Maroo - Oh they're great! Good food, good wine, and all SORTS of partying. Favorite time of the cycle except for the whole...well...you know...

Lotus - The what?

Maroo - The whole 'TITHE' part. The speed these wackos can go from full throttle to doom and gloom is enough to give ya WHIPLASH. I mean, poor bastards give up almost everything they own looking for salvation.

Buncha' suckers if you ask me.

[The player arrives at a security terminal. In the background, a Corpus prayer hall can be seen. Dozens of Corpus are kneeling while a speaker gives a sermon.]

Tenno - What are they doing?

Lotus - They are praying. For profit, and good fortune.

Tenno - But not after giving up everything first, right?

Lotus - The Corpus prey on those who are desperate. People who want to have a better life, but aren't strong enough to fight for it. After a time, every devotee learns this. But the true Corpus are those who accept it.

Tenno - They aren't all bad, are they?

Lotus - Not everything is black and white, Tenno.

[After arriving at a security terminal and uploading data]

Maroo - Alright, I'm in! Just give me a second to-...hey! THEY'RE LOCKING ME OUT! Tenno, hold on, this'll just take a second. Nobody messes with Maroo!

[Mobile defense objective initiates. Single node.]

[After objective is completed]


Oh! Yeah, you're all set, Tenno! Or should I say, Mr. Hayten O.?

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm gonna clear out. Plenty of fun left to be had before the tithes end!

Catch ya later, tin-stuff.

Tenno - Hayten...O.?..

Ordis - She certainly has a ....bizarre sense of humor, doesn't she?

Lotus - Get to the exits. The Corpus Board temple isn't far from here.

Tenno - If Darvo's still alive...he'll be there.

[After player fights/runs to exits, extraction occurs]

Mission Waypoint 7 - Fight to the Board Chambers


[Cutscene triggers]

[The scene opens on the Corpus board room, the crowd is yelling wildly, arguing amongst themselves. Darvo can be seen standing in the middle of the room below all the tiered seats. The Chairman  is attempting to calm the other board members, and Frohd sits by his side, his face forlorn and staring at his feet.]

Chairman - Order! Order! Colleagues, please. Try to stay civil!

Unseen speaker 5 - Impossible!

Unseen speaker 2 - He robbed me of thousands! I demand commiseration!

Unseen speaker 6 - I lost 15 members of my crew to one of his raids! Their spirits must be appeased!

Chairman - And you will have your justice, as is our way! What is owed, must be payed. Such is the will of the void.

[Murmurs of agreement and repetitions of the prayer rise as the audience calms]

I must admit, Darvo. You've made quite a few enemies. Your appraisal isn't looking to be in your favor.

Darvo - Then why go to all this trouble? If you're just going to kill me, why not just do it already and get all this nonsense over with?

Chairman - You spent time in the academies, correct? Are you familiar with the Quorum, Darvo?

Darvo - ...Some old ritual, right? But...it hasn't been observed in...well...I can't remember.

Chairman - Because it hasn't EVER been observed, Darvo. And yet, for the first time in centuries, we have a chance to complete it.

[A hologram of a massive grounded solar rail fills the chamber above Darvo]

Darvo - Is that?...

Chairman - The Outer Terminus, yes...Hastened to completion with the advent of the void tithe. And now, we have EXACTLY enough members to open it...

Darvo - Are you serious? You don't have ANYONE else? Not Alad? That lunatic Anyo?

Chairman - No one else, Darvo. Alad's blood is tainted, and Anyo was never suitable for the Quorum.

You are the last.

Darvo - Then that puts me in a position to bargain, doesn't it?

Chairman - Indeed. Your position is a tenuous one. But with such an immense value behind your cooperation, I think we are willing to haggle, yes?

[Murmurs of agreement rise throughout the chamber]

Darvo - Alright then. What's your opening?

Chairman - Well...judging from the long list of charges against you...I'd say that death is a fair opening bid.

[Cheers of agreement echo through the chamber. Frohd looks up suddenly with fear to the Chairman, then to Darvo.]

Darvo - Oh boy...this is going to be a long one...

[Cutscene Ends]

[The player control returns. The player is placed on a large open tile resembling a long empty street lined by Corpus buildings. The streets are empty, and silence permeates the atmosphere. At the end of the street, a massive temple stands, towering over the surrounding buildings.]

Tenno - So that's where the Board is?

Lotus - Yes. Their vanity would likely cause them to hold Darvo there as well. They like to keep their friends close, and their enemies closer.

Tenno - Typical.

Lotus - Be cautious. The streets are empty, but there are most likely defenses hidden away.

[After a short distance, a cutscene triggers]

[The massive crewman from the first scene can be seen surrounded by several other crewmen, standing at the end of the street. He gestures for them to scramble to action, and then enters the temple. As soon as the doors lock behind him, numerous energy barriers power on along the street, and Corpus dropships fly to the tops of the buildings.]

Tenno - It's never easy is it.

Lotus - Those power barriers are void-based. They'll react violently to anything that attempts to pass through, but you might be able to overload their generators with a sudden burst of your own void energy.

Break them open with your weapon, and then hit them with your void blast.

[The player then must proceed through a series of miniature arena engagements. If the player touches a barrier, they will take significant damage and be pushed back. Numerous enemies of increasing difficulty flood the partitions while the Tenno attempts to proceed. Each power barrier must be destroyed by shooting one of the four generators, then transferring to Operator mode and combining void dash and void blast to destroy them. Because of the relatively tight space and the puzzle requirements, I would suggest AGAINST employing nullifiers or Bursa nullifers. A total of three to four engagements.]

[After the player reaches the temple, they will find it has been sealed shut]

Tenno - Lotus, the doors are locked, and it doesn't look like I can break through.

Lotus - Then we need to find another way around.

Tenno - Or through...Ordis, where exactly is the main Board Room?

Ordis - Judging from these Corpus design documents...It would be...all the way at the top!

Tenno - Are these Corpus dropships armed?

Ordis - Yes! They often wield a wide array of...Operator! You aren't serious!

Tenno - Too late. Get ready to take control.

[A dropship in the courtyard that has landed must then be hacked and defended. Single mobile defense objective.]

[Upon completion]

[The Drop Ship's turrets begin to activate and deal extremely high damage to hostiles in the arena]

Ordis - It worked! I'm in! Uggh...these Corpus systems are- COMPLETE NONSE- unwieldy!

Lotus - Be careful Tenno.

[Upon entering dropship, cutscene triggers]

[The board room is silent, as Frohd attempts to reason with Darvo and the Chairman]

Frohd - There HAS to be a better way. Darvo, please. This isn't about us. This is about ALL of our people. We finally have a chance to share in prosperity, why wont you see that?

Darvo - All I see is the gun pointed at my head.

[Darvo gestures to the two elite crewman guarding the door behind him]

Frohd - Sir, is there any way to pardon him?

[The Chairman gestures to the other board members]

Chairman - Your dealings are not with me, Frohd. They demand commiseration!

Frohd - Then...I will answer for his crimes...I will liquidate my enterprises...All expenses paid in full, with interests...Just please...Please don't hurt my son...

[Darvo's face twists into a combination of confusion and sadness]

Darvo - Dad...

Chairman - Well, if you're willing to shoulder your son's burdens once more, then I won't interfere! Passing approval on the proposed deal by board member Frohd Behk to absolve his Son's debts? Going once?...Twice...?....What is that infernal sound?

[A low pitch hum can be heard during the speech, slowly rising to extreme levels.]

[As soon as the Chairman is done talking, a massive burst of energy shatters the outer wall behind Darvo and knocks the guards to the ground]

[The Tenno leaps into the chamber, disarms one of the guards and shoots them, then wheels and shoots the other before finally spinning and aiming the weapon at the board itself.]

Darvo - Finally! You have no idea how boring these guys can be, Tenno. Let's get out of here.

[Darvo and the Tenno begin backing towards the transport, the Tenno keeping their weapon trained on the board members]

[Nearly all of the board members have scattered or are cowering behind their desks, but the Chairman remains relaxed and stoic.]

Chairman - A Tenno! How exciting!

Frohd - Darvo! Please!

Darvo - Sorry dad, I feel bad about you losing your stock and all that, but I told you before, I'm not going to play your cult's silly little game.

Frohd - Dammit, Darvo! This isn't about the money! This has NEVER been about the money, or the board, or anything other than you! Why do you shun me, so?

Darvo - Dad... I was never cut out for this...You were...I'm sorry...

[Darvo and the Tenno board the transport]

Chairman - My! Even after such a heartfelt speech, you still reject your father? I must say Darvo, that is unspeakably cruel!

[As the Chairman talks, he draws a pistol from his side and shoots Frohd in the stomach]

Darvo - DAD!

Chairman - I hate to resort to such measures, Darvo, but you leave me no choice. If I don't have one, I may as well not have any.

Darvo - You piece of-

Chairman - Things don't have to end in tragedy, of course. Simply step down from the shuttle, say goodbye to your Tenno lackey, and we can continue where we left off.

With the addendum that any further disruptions will result in summary execution of both of you.

Darvo - Dammit! Tenno, please! Do something!

[The Player is now presented with a morality choice]

[Light - Save Frohd] The Tenno immediately leaps from the transport and rushes towards the Chairman



[Balance - Shoot the Chairman]


[The Tenno remains in the transport, but opens fire on the Chairman with the stolen weapon. However, a shield materializes and prevents the shots from reaching their target. The Tenno then casts aside the weapon and rushes towards the Chairman.]

[Dark - Do Nothing]


[The Tenno remains in the transport and motions for Ordis to begin takeoff.]

Darvo - Tenno, You...you can't be serious? Dammit. I'll do it myself.

[Darvo leaps from the transport]

Lotus - Tenno, don't let Darvo rush right back into their hands! Stop him!

[The Tenno follows and grabs Darvo by the back and throws him to the ground, then rushes towards the Chairman.]

[End morality decision split]

[The Tenno rushes towards the Chairman, surrounding board members begin to flee, but again the Chairman sits stoic.]

[The Tenno leaps up to the Chairman while rearing back for a punch, as they land, they strike.]

[But instead of landing, the punch stops mere inches from the Chairman and the Tenno remains still.]

Tenno - W-what?

[The Chairman begins to slowly rise, glaring imposingly down at the frozen Tenno]

Chairman - Curious, isn't it...the things we do for family.

[The Chairman then lazily strikes the Tenno and a burst of Corpus shield force throws the Tenno off the raised area, yet they manage to recover as they land.]

Lotus - Tenno! Get out of there! The tower is collapsing!

[The Chairman looks around at the crumbling structure before slinging Frohd over his shoulder with ease and walking away.]

Chairman - Until we meet again. REMEMBER OUR DEAL, DARVO!

Ordis - Engaging short range jump-drive!

[The transport then warps out of orbit, and the player returns to their Orbiter.]

[Cutscene End]

Mission Waypoint 8 - Pursue the Board Members to the Outer Terminus


[Upon returning to the Orbiter]

Darvo - Tenno, we have to find out where they went!

Lotus - And we will. But for now, we need to get you to safety.

Darvo - Screw that! I'm going to be there when you cut that bastard in half! We can't let them get away with this!

Lotus - Darvo, why is it that they wanted you?

Darvo - For the Quorum. An old Corpus ritual for opening Orokin superstructures.

Lotus - And without you, they can't do that, can they?

Darvo - No, but...You aren't saying that we're just going to sacrifice my dad like that, are you?

Lotus - Of course not. But I am saying that YOU need to stay hidden while WE find a way to stop the board and save your father.

What is the structure they're trying to open?

Darvo - It's on Pluto. It looks like a giant Solar Rail.

Lotus - On Pluto, but that means...

Tenno - What is he talking about Lotus?

Lotus - It's nothing...But...I'm worried the Corpus might be about to unearth something they never should have involved themselves with.

Darvo - Then that's all the more reason we need to go!

Lotus - Tenno, what are your thoughts?

[Morality Choice]

[Light - We need to rescue Frohd]


Tenno - We need to rescue Frohd. I know what it's like to lose family.

[Balance - We need to stop the Quorum]


Tenno - We need to stop the Quorum. Whatever the Corpus are trying to do, it can't be good.

[Dark - We need to kill the Chairman]


Tenno - We need to kill the Chairman. He'll pay for taking Darvo and crossing us. Besides, something about him is...wrong...

[End morality split]

Lotus - Very well. If you're sure that's reason enough.

I've sent the coordinates to your navigation.

[Player arrives on the Corpus repair site.]

Lotus - The solar rail is nearby. Get through the facility, and find a way to put it out of commission for good.

Tenno - Where does it go, Lotus?

Lotus - I'm...I'm not certain...

Tenno - Lotus. No. More. Lies.

Lotus - I-

Ordis - Operator! I'm detecting several low surface transports pulling into dock! They're attempting to mask their presence, but I was able to spot them!

Tenno - Did we manage to beat the Board here?

Ordis - It would seem so! We may have a chance to rout them before they can reach the salvage site!


Mission Waypoint 9 - Investigate the Transports


[Upon arrival in the hangar bay]

Ordis - The ships have not yet de-pressurized. They may be waiting for the all clear signal!

Tenno - Now's our chance. I'll find a way to get them open. They wont be able to run any more.

[Morality choice]

[The Player will now be updated with three waypoints/methods to open the transports. Each one will result in a morality consequence, and will prompt the player before finalizing their decision.]

[Light - Void walk in]


Tenno - I'll use the fold. I can walk right in.

Ordis - Operator, that seems like an extremely unwise decision! What if the chairman is inside?

Tenno - They're businessmen. I'm going to give them another chance to make a deal.

Besides, if it's a trap, I can just stay hidden in the fold, right?

[Cutscene triggers]

[The player then passes through the door directly, easily passing through the void plane. Upon reaching the inside, they are met with the sight of non-combatant Corpus family members cowering inside. The Tenno remains in the fold]

Tenno - These are...These aren't soldiers...

Ordis - Their...family members? Why would they bring them here?

Lotus - they're looking for a way out...

Tenno - Of the system? Is that where the rail leads?

Ordis - Operator, what will we do about them?

Tenno - Nothing...they're safe in these transports, right?

Ordis - Yes. Very. The exterior is well armored.

Tenno - Then we leave them be. Our fight isn't with them.

[The Tenno slowly backs out of the transport and re-materializes. Cutscene ends.]

Lotus - You made the right choice, Tenno.

Tenno - I hope so...We have to hurry to the rail site.

Ordis - It's just up ahead, through the next area.


[Neutral - Give the all clear signal and stage an ambush]

Tenno - That security terminal controls the hatches, right?

Ordis - Yes. You can give the all clear from there. But what do you intend to do next?

Tenno - Wait. If they make a move, I'll strike.

Ordis - Be careful, Operator.

[Cutscene triggers]

[The hatches on the transports slowly open, steam obscuring the insides. The Tenno, in their frame, hides behind a pillar and watches. As the steam dissipates, numerous men, women, and children cautiously emerge, confused by the apparent lack of personnel.]

Tenno - Wait...those aren't the board members...

Ordis - Is this a trap? Some sort of cruel form of decoy?

Tenno - No...it's their families...

Lotus - What will you do about them?

Tenno - I...nothing...They have nothing to do with this...And I doubt they know anything that can help...

Ordis, how do I get to the salvage site from here?

Ordis - It's just through the next area, Operator.

[Cutscene ends]

Lotus - Your discretion is admirable, Tenno...

Tenno - Bringing their families here...I'm going to find them, and I'm going to find out what this is all about...


[Dark - Open fire on the transports with the cannon]

Tenno - Ordis...This anti-air cannon...can it pierce the transports?

Ordis - Yes, Operator! A most ingeniou- MERCILESS- plan of attack!

Tenno - Turn them on the transports, we can end this right here and now.

[Cutscene triggers]

[The large anti aircraft cannon turns inwards to the hangar and begins charging. After a brief pause, a rain of energy bolts cascades upon the transports and shreds them to pieces. The sudden release of pressure blows the hatches apart and fire rushes to ignite the oxygen. Smoke fills the hangar]

Ordis - It worked! Well done, Operator!

Tenno - I need to make sure they're all dead. They'll just come back stronger.

[The Tenno, in their frame, confidently approaches the hatchway, smoke obscuring their vision. Inside, the corpses of the non-combatants are strewn about the interior, flames consuming the bodies.]

Ordis - Splendid, Operator! You...wait...those aren't the Board members...those are-...Oh no...

Tenno - Their families...

[The Tenno leaves their frame, a horrified look on their face as they examine the wreckage.]

Ordis - Operator- I- You- I'm sorry! I should have analyzed their vital signs more carefully! I'm sure I miss-

Tenno - That's...that's enough Ordis...

Lotus - Tenno...there was no way you could have known...

Tenno - No...I guess not...

[The operator returns to their frame and leaves the shuttle. Cutscene ends]

Lotus - Tenno...

Tenno - What's done is done...Ordis, how do I get to the salvage site from here?

Ordis - It's...it's just ahead, Operator...

[Morality split ends]

Mission Waypoint 10 - Confront the Crewman


[The player now enters a large antechamber. Cargo containers are scattered around the room and mechanical supplies litter the floor. There was clearly an evacuation.]

Ordis - Just through that door, Operator. It leads directly to the access path. It's a short hike to the void compass from there.

[The player proceeds a small distance into the room before the room is surrounded by energy barriers. The player is cutoff.]

Tenno - An ambush?

[Suddenly, on the far side of the room, the heavily armored crewman seen throughout the quest appears.]

Tenno - You again?

[Silently, the crewman enters the enclosed area by switching off the exterior and interior sets of barriers. The crewmen then draws a Supra and begins firing.]

[Miniboss encounter. The player must combat the heavy armored crewman. The crewman acts similar to a Corpus tech, but with additional hazards such as sapping osprey spawners, and various arrangements of projectiles to flush the player out of Cover. Upon firing at the crewman, the player will see their damage has been rendered nearly useless.]

Tenno - Dammit! I'm barely scratching him!

Lotus - He's using some form of high density void shield barrier. You have to deactivate it somehow.

Tenno -...The walls! They react violently with void energy, right? That might nullify his shields!

[The player must now get close to the crewman and use the void blast to send them into the barriers. Unlock normal enemies, the crewman will only be pushed, not ragdolled, and must be relatively close. Upon hitting the barrier, the shield deactivates and the crewman becomes susceptible to damage. This must be repeated three times.]

[Upon the third stage completion]

[The crewman pauses briefly before casting off their weapons and armor and drawing a Prova from their void-space (similar to how players materialize weapons)]

Crewman - I have been waiting...A very. Long. Time. For this.

Tenno - Bring it on!

[The player now must complete the final stage using only melee ( a per-requisite to begin the quest would necessitate the usage of a melee weapon). In this stage, the crewman is significantly faster and will reflect all bullets back at the Tenno. The crewman will combine high damage melee attacks with push based energy attacks in an attempt to strike the Tenno into the barrier. If he himself is pushed into the barrier, he will also take high damage.]

[Upon completion of the fight]

[Cutscene trigger]

[The crewman is pushed back by the Tenno, sprawling on the ground. The crewman slowly regains their composure and stares at the Tenno before quickly striking a nearby crate at the Tenno, sending them backwards within inches of the barrier. Stunned, the Tenno looks up in time to see the Crewman closing in fast, but just as they are about to strike, another barrier materializes in front of them, halting their advance. Both the Tenno and the crewman look in confusion to the security terminal nearby to see Darvo smiling and waving.]

Tenno - Darvo? What the hell is he doing here?

Darvo - Sorry, Tenno. You know how I love stealing the show!

Lotus - Darvo! That's exactly what they want! If you do this, you're playing right into their hands!

Darvo - I know, Lotus. But I need to set this right. Not that I don't have faith in you or anything...but if I leave things like they were at the Board, I'm going to be reaaaaallly regretting it for a long time.

Sorry about this, Tenno. Don't wait up!

[Darvo then runs off through the far door]

Tenno - Dammit, Darvo!

[Suddenly the Tenno remembers the crewman and turns to see them standing stock still.]

Crewman - That rail...out there...what happens if they use it?

Lotus (speaking directly to the crewman) - The Board will unleash a wave of chaos and death that they have no chance of stopping. The remnants of the Old War will have their revenge, and everything you know will be consumed.


[The Crewman looks around slowly for the source of the voice]


Crewman - They told us there was prosperity...that we would be saved...


Lotus - A lie constructed by The Board to placate you. There is nothing of value on the other side of that rail...

[The Crewman turns to the Tenno, stares for a long silence, then steps backwards and shuts off the barriers. Without saying a word, the Crewman watches the Tenno cautiously leave to pursue Darvo.]

[Fade to black]

[Fade in]

[The board can be seen surrounding an enormous metal dais. Spaced evenly around the dais are small sunken chambers below dead lights. Corpus humming and chanting can be heard form the board members. As each board member places their hand within chamber, a small metal pin quickly pierces their palm then retracts, after which the light turns brilliant cyan. As this proceeds, the chairman turns to face Frohd, who is pale and slipping in and out of consciousness. Two guards stand behind him.]

Chairman - Clock's ticking, Frohd...

[Frohd briefly glares at the Chairman before averting his gaze once more. Suddenly, Darvo walks into the scene]

Darvo - Chairman! I've come to fulfill the conditions of my appraisal!

[The ritual halts and all board members look up to watch Darvo as he approaches.]

Frohd - Darvo...

Darvo - Sorry about the delay, dad. You know how I can be with timing.

Chairman - Well, I'm glad you changed your mind! This is a good thing you're doing Darvo. A VERY good thing.

[Darvo rolls his eyes and places his palm in his respective chamber. The pin pierces his palm and the light illuminates]

Chairman - Wonderful!

[Looking up, the chairman then gestures for the stunned board members to continue the ritual. The humming resumes. Frohd looks at Darvo with sadness in his eyes, still breathing heavily from pain and exhaustion.]

Darvo - ...Sorry dad...

[Frohd averts his eyes and stares at his own hand.]

[Cut to Tenno entering the access path, a snowy walk around the exterior of the salvage site.]

[Cutscene ends]

Mission Waypoint 11 - Confront The Board


[The Player now proceeds through a short area to get to the dais proper.]

Tenno - Lotus...what you said...

Lotus - Tenno, I'm sorry...

Tenno - No, Lotus. You tell me right now! Where does the rail lead?

Lotus - ....

Tenno - LOTUS?

Lotus - It...leads to Tau...to my home...

Tenno - It...To TAU? Are...Are there more like Hunhow there?...Like...like you?

Lotus - I do not know...My world was dying, Tenno...and it has been a very long time since I have seen it...It may no longer exist...

Tenno - But if it does...if there are more like Hunhow...

Lotus - Then they will flood through the fold like starved beasts...there will be no saving the system...no saving them...

[Along the way, a perspective shot of the rail to show off its enormous size would be an atmospheric touch.]

[Upon arriving at the ritual site]

[Cutscene triggers]

[The second to last board member finishes their action and the entire board turns to Frohd, the final member yet to interact with his chamber.]

Chairman - It all waits for you, Frohd...

[Frohd looks at his hand again before looking to Darvo who only stares back silently. Forlorn, he begins to motion towards the chamber]

Tenno - STOP!

[All the board members turn to face the source of the sound, and the Tenno walks into the scene, framed in shot by the massive rail and the dais.]

Chairman - Uggh, again with these interruptions. Tenno, you just can't keep your grubby little claws off of anything, can you?

Darvo - ...Tenno?...

Tenno - The Chairman is lying to you! All that waits on the other side of this rail is sadness and death. If you open it, you won't be saving anyone...you'll be killing us all...

Chairman - Oh, nonsense. Do you really expect us to believe such fantasy, betrayer?


Tenno - Think! If this is the final rail of the Outer Terminus, where does it lead? Where did the Old War start?

[The board members begin to murmur in unease, Frohd retracts his hand.]

Tenno - Frohd...you don't have to do this...

[Here a morality split occurs. But rather than a decision, the actions vary based on the player's current alignment.]


[Light - Frohd looks at his hand, then to the rail, unsure of what to do. His neighboring board member watches for a moment before interfering.]

Nameless speaker - Enough of this nonsense from the betrayers! Get on with it, Frohd!

[The speaker then slams Frohd's hand into his chamber and the dais fully illuminates.]


[Neutral - Frohd looks at his hand, then to Darvo, then back to the Tenno]

Frohd - Tenno...if you were in my position...with so much at stake for your people...what else would you do?

[Frohd then closes his eyes and completes his chamber as the dais fully illuminates.]


[Dark - Frohd looks at his hand, then furrows his brow before turning to the Tenno]

Frohd - So tell me, Tenno...Betrayer...slaughterer of my people...why would I ever, put faith in your words?

[Frohd then slams his hand into the chamber and the dais fully illuminates]

[End morality split]

[The Orokin and Corpus technology begin to awaken, and the rail charges. A massive, booming chime echoes throughout the entire vista. Both the Tenno and the Corpus look on in anticipation of what's to come. As the rail spins to life, space begins to fold, and stars can be seen fading through the realities as the void twists the air.]

Nameless Speaker 2 - At last! Salvation!

Nameless Speaker 3 - We can begin anew! Our coffers will overflow with prosperity!

Nameless Speaker 1 - We are saved!

[As they speak, the fold becomes more clear. On the other side of the space, several twisted barren planetoids are visible. They look nothing like any natural planet, honeycombed and warped, surrounding in perfect measurement a fading blue star that casts pale light onto their surfaces. The cheers and joy of the board members fade to silence as the image fully materializes, and appears as reality.]

Nameless Speaker 3 - It...it is barren!

Nameless Speaker 4 - This is no salvation...Chairman, what have you brought upon us?

Chairman - Oh come now, don't be so incensed. Any good enterprise requires a bit of a starting investment, yes? What is it you Corpus are so fond of saying? Oh yes! Before you must be rich, you must be poor...

[Without warning, a massive figure fills the rail's view. Chilling shrieks of the Sentients fill the air, and the alien singing begins to emanate from the massive figure.]

Chairman - Damn...I had hoped they had eaten themselves to death ages ago...

Nameless Speaker 2 - You have forsaken us all!

Nameless Speaker 3 - We are doomed!

Nameless Speaker 1 - The creatures will come for us! They will know our blood!

[The board members begin to flee back to the entrance of the level. Only Frohd, Darvo, and the Chairman remain with the Tenno.]

Chairman - Oh hush! Cowards, every one of you! *Sigh*...though I must admit, this is more than I had anticipated...

Frohd - YOU!...YOU USED US!

Chairman - Indeed, Frohd! Is something the matter?

Frohd - I...Will...PERSONALLY-

[Frohd then collapses to the ground, coughing and sputtering. Darvo rushes to his side.]

Tenno - Darvo, get out of here! I'll keep them back!

Darvo - Tenno?...You...You're right. We'll get to cover. But...how are you going to stop them?

Tenno - I'm not sure yet...I'll figure something out, just go!

[End Cutscene]

Mission Waypoint 12 - Repel the Sentients


[Gameplay transitions back from the scene. The player must now fight through multiple waves of Sentients, with new variants being showcased here. Throughout this sequence, the main ship can be seen attempting to pass through, with hundreds upon thousands of sentients dying as they too attempt to pass through the fold. During this fight, the Chairman is merely standing idle along the side of the arena. Attempts to harm him will be blocked by a materializing shield.]

[Wave 1 dialogue]

Tenno - You! Why did you do this?

Chairman - Me? Why, Tenno, I was merely delivering a service!

This system is dying. It has been for a long time.

These greedy fools were DESPERATE for a chance to start over, and I was eager to provide!

Tenno - And you gave them the Sentient home-world?

Chairman - The locale was not of importance to them. But I have my own motivations for reopening the fold to Tau.

[Wave 2 dialogue]

Tenno - Why all this ritual? Why Darvo?

Chairman - Blood is far more valuable than credits, Tenno.

The way can only be opened if the locks are removed.

And the locks have VERY Specific keys...

Keys I have cultivated over centuries of work...all for this moment...

[Wave 3 dialogue]

Lotus (in pain) - Tenno!

Tenno - Lotus? What's wrong?

Lotus - I...I can hear them! They're in my head, screaming at me!

Tenno - Block them out! Their hatred can't reach you there!

Lotus - They aren't angry! They...they're in pain! They're in so much PAIN!

I can feel them dying! One by one!


They're dying so their mother can break through!

They're begging me to help them! She's begging me to save her!

Tenno!..Tenno I can't shut them out!

Tenno - Hold on, Lotus!

[The Lotus's transmission becomes distorted, bizarre imagery can be seen flitting between the normal familiar image. She no longer speaks, instead, she sings like the others.]

[Upon completion of this wave, the sequence is over and combat ceases for a period.]

Tenno - DAMMIT! Ordis, there are too many of them! How do I stop them?

Ordis - You are of the void, operator! The fatal flaw in all sentients! You may be able to deter them if you focus your energies!

[The player now must use transference and use their Operator abilities to defeat the Sentients. In this sequence, the Sentients die extremely quickly to the abilities, but as the battle rages, their number increases to the point where it becomes nearly unmanageable]

Tenno - I-I can't keep them back! They're all over me! Lotus!

[With this, the Tenno becomes overwhelmed by the Sentients and the screen fades to white, then to black]

Void - Hey, Kiddo...looks like you're in a bit of a bind, huh?

[Hard cut to the Tenno walking/drifting in the void. To avoid additional need of cutscenes, the player maintains control.]

Tenno - Who...who are you?

Void - I can help you. If you'd like.

Though I want a little something in return.

Tenno - Where am I?

Void - Your powers are really something, aren't they? But you're using them all wrong!

You're fighting against the current, kiddo...You have to flow with the river...

Tenno - What are you talking about?

Void - A simple deal. I fix all this, and you just relax and open your mind...let me in...

[Morality split]


[Light - Can I stop it?]

Tenno - And if I lose control...I can just shut it out again? Go back to normal?

Void - Now, why would you want to do that, kiddo? You can do a lot of good with me on your side...


[Neutral - Can I control it?]

Tenno - And after this...will I be able to control it?

Void - Of course, kiddo...it's a mutually beneficial agreement...


[Dark - Can I use it?]

Tenno - And after this...I'll be stronger? I can keep using it?

Void - Hahaha, I like your style, kiddo! I knew I could count on you...

[End morality split]

Void - Now....

[Suddenly the void turns to blackness, and a massive twisted image of what VAGUELY resembles a face fills the space]

Void - LET ME IN.

[Quick fade to white]

[The player is back in operator form on the mountain, but everything is frozen in time. Nothing moves.]

Void - You do the honors, kiddo.

Where do we start?

[The player now has to simply shoot one of the suspended Sentients to trigger the next sequence/cutscene]

[Cutscene activates]

[A massive wave of energy rips through the sentient swarm, tearing them apart and disintegrating them instantly. When the smoke and ash dissipates, the Tenno can be seen emanating a massive amount of energy and smiling, their eyes completely taken over by their energy color.]

Void - Now, kiddo, what do you want more than anything? Deep down, all the way in the deepest part of your heart?

[Morality split]


[Light - To save us.]

Tenno - I want to save us.


[Neutral - To stop them]

Tenno - I want to stop them.


[Dark - To kill them all.]

Tenno - I want to kill them all!

[End morality split]

[The Tenno then emits a massive wave of energy from their entire figure that arcs and impacts the main sentient pushing through the fold. A horrible, piercing scream rends the air and the sentient is slowly pushed back into the fold. The energy dances along the sentient before arcing to the rail itself, and quickly tears it apart. As the void space ruptures, the sentient is caught in between spaces and is severed, it's massive corpse crashing to the earth as the rail collapses ontop of it. As the rail collapses, the Tenno expends the last of their energy and collapses to the ground, unconscious. The camera holds on the scene for several seconds before cutting to black]

[The camera cuts back from black to the unconscious Tenno. Slowly, they pull themselves to their feet, clutching their head in pain. Turning, they see the Chairman still standing nearby.]

Chairman - Impressive display. I thought for a second there it might have done you in! But you Tenno have always proved to be un-SPEAKABLY difficult to kill, haven't you?

Tenno - You...lost...I stopped your plan...the rail is destroyed...there's no way back to Tau, now...

Chairman - Do you know how the void works, Tenno? It violates all our understanding of science, physics, reason...everything we spent generations learning here has no bearing THERE...

Initially, this surprised us, intrigued us...but after a time, we became numb to its surprises...no, after all that time, it was no longer the unknown that gave us pause, but the familiar...

The void itself, for example, is quite similar to a liquid...albeit, a four dimensional one, but the comparison still has merit...

It ebbs and flows, rises and falls, all at the beck and call of some unseen force...

And much like water, when something disturbs its surface, say, a massive rupture of void space in an unfortunate accident,...it casts waves...

One could plot these waves...find their source...where the stone was thrown, so to speak...

But over time, waves become ripples...and ripples become imperceptible...

We did not need to plunge into the depths, Tenno...we merely needed another stone.

Tenno - Wait...we?...Who are you?

Chairman - You will know exactly what we need you to, Tenno...Nothing more...nothing less...

You are VERY important to us...

Tenno - Whatever you plan on doing next...I'll stop you there too...

Chairman - I'm sure you will try..

[The Chairman then slams his forearms together and a ring of energy forms around him. It hovers for a moment, then passes over him and disappears with him in tow. The Operator sits on the ground and looks up at the sky.]

Tenno - Ordis?...Are you there?

Ordis - OPERATOR! My sensors have never seen anything CLOSE to that level of void disturbance before! I feared something terrible had happened to you!

Is there anything I can get for you? A bed? Some food? Music? Oh! What abou-

Tenno - Ordis...I could really use extraction...

Ordis - Oh! Yes...Er-...making the approach now!

[The camera pans up to the sky and fades into a shot of Uranus. The camera descends through hard cuts to the surface of the planet, then to the sea, then to the tomb of the Sentient. A massive figure obscured by the darkness and murk looms. Several Oculyst descend from the sky and float towards the object. They hum and sing and chime before falling silent. A low, ominous cry of sadness echoes through the waters and the scene cuts to black as it fades out.]

[The quest is now over, and the player is presented with their morality]

[Final cleanup dialogue in the Orbiter]

Tenno - Lotus...Are you there?

Lotus - Yes, my child...I am here...

Tenno - What happened on Pluto...what was that?

Lotus - A part of me I would never wish for you to experience again...

I am sorry for all the fear and confusion I have put you through, but I do it to protect you...

Tenno - I don't need for you to protect me, Lotus...I need for you to tell me the truth...

Lotus - And yet...if you knew everything...I do not think you could bring yourself to continue fighting...

Tenno - Then we'll start small...Natah...is she...is she REALLY gone?

Lotus - I...I thought she was...but now...now I'm not so sure...

Ordis - Er...Operator...You have an incoming message from Darvo...should I- SHUT HIM UP- block his frequency?

Tenno - No...patch him through...

Darvo - H-heeeey!...Tenno...I mean...ACTUAL Tenno, this time...

Tenno - Yeah...

Darvo - You're...a lot smaller than I thought...

Tenno - Hehe...yeah....

Darvo - And like...more...normal looking...

Tenno -....

Darvo - ...Er, I mean, don't think this changes anything about me!

I'm still your ol' pal Darvo! Partner in crime! Friend till the end!

And...in your debt pretty much for like...forever...

Ordis - Splendid! Shall I pass by the relay to relieve you of your wares?

Darvo - WHAT? Are you CRAZY? I still have a business to run here!

But I did send you something. Hopefully you find it useful. If not, well..

No refunds, hehe...

Oh, and my dad sent you something too...I don't know where he is...but...he owes you big time too.

Tenno - Thanks, Darvo.

Darvo - And hey! Don't be a stranger, ya hear? I still expect to see you on the relays every now and then, alright?

Until next time...

[Quest complete, rewards delivered]

[Inbox Message From Frohd Bek]


I will not pretend that we are now allies. Our kinds have been at opposition for too long for wounds to heal so quickly.

Yet neither will I ignore that I am in your debt. And Corpus always repay their debts.

You have saved my life, and more importantly, my son's.

I will not attempt to take him again. What I had crafted for him has been taken away. And only now do I understand that he never would have accepted it to begin with.

The Board is scattered. The members have ran with their families, cowering at the horror we unleashed. Others will fill their positions, as is our way, and the tides of Profit will not even so much as tremble at the upset in power.

I too, will take my absence. My crew is loyal, and we shall embark on a journey to find prosperity in the darkness.

But before I do, I leave you with this.

A symbol of loyalty to the Board. Once mine, to one day have been Darvo's. Now yours.

I have also bestowed a healthy amount of more 'typical' trade material to you, a portion of my emergency stores. The rest bequeathed to my son, of course.

I hope you find them acceptable. And that one day, should we meet again, it be under more favorable circumstances.

May you fill the Void with Profit,



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10 minutes ago, (XB1)Juniormech777 said:

hidden content-ception

im not gonna read all of this. since who knows if a quest like this will be in the game?

if it does, id love to play it and find the dialogue by myself.

thanks for the creative idea!

Yeah, something messed up with the nested spoilers. It always seems to plague me.

Yet I've learned from the past, that if it goofs like this but is still coherent, the best course of action is to leave it be.

Otherwise all the content might just get eaten for no reason.

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Some criticism:

1. So Maroo knows that Tenno are children? Because in some part, she spoke to "Tenno", but I assume she's referring to the "tin-suit".

2. Not sure about the "Void" character. In TWW, the Operator's father use to call us "kiddo", not the Void.


Overall, you made me longing for a Corpus-cinematic quest!

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2 minutes ago, LogaMC1995 said:

Some criticism:

1. So Maroo knows that Tenno are children? Because in some part, she spoke to "Tenno", but I assume she's referring to the "tin-suit".

2. Not sure about the "Void" character. In TWW, the Operator's father use to call us "kiddo", not the Void.


Overall, you made me longing for a Corpus-cinematic quest!

No, she's still in the dark too.

I called it "Void" because I'm still not too satisfied that it's the father. Part of me still thinks it a taunt of some sort. Regardless, I left it ambiguous on purpose.

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I really, really, really want this now. Not too sure about the ending bit with the massive spike in void power, maybe you can include some sort of catalyst on the relay that triggers the explosion? [Void] shows you how to better manipulate void energy, you cause some sort of short circuit, and the relay self destructs? Or maybe this is the Operator buff we're looking for.


Also, god damn, so many new assets would have to be made for this. A Chairman model, a Corpus City tileset, just... 

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3 hours ago, DeyjaVou said:

I really, really, really want this now. Not too sure about the ending bit with the massive spike in void power, maybe you can include some sort of catalyst on the relay that triggers the explosion? [Void] shows you how to better manipulate void energy, you cause some sort of short circuit, and the relay self destructs? Or maybe this is the Operator buff we're looking for.


Also, god damn, so many new assets would have to be made for this. A Chairman model, a Corpus City tileset, just... 

Yeah, again I wrote it with the idea that things could easily be pulled back in scope.

ALTHOUGH, I will note that most of the things I wrote in mind with the idea that they would use assets that weren't exclusive to the quest.

The Corpus have been in need of a new tileset for ages now, and the Corpus City is often requested.

Nearly all of the objectives in the quest were written with the idea that they would simply be re-purposed mission tiles from other variants on the new tileset shown off within the quest. IE the Birthing Clinic just being a Spy tile with an additional waypoint marker.

Most of the Corpus characters can use existing models. The Chairman can just be a re-colored Comba model, the Board Members can all be re-colored and re-scaled masked versions of Darvo, the Perrin Rep, Crewmen, Comba, Etc. With maybe only one or two NEW models thrown in for variety's sake.

The final area can utilize the Corpus ice-planet tiles, including the hangar and transports, textures and models used in TWW on the Orokin Mountain Pass, and the rail itself can be a skybox element, with maybe only one or two re-purposed elements from the Tenno Solar Rail model placed in the foreground for distance scale purposes. Use of camera angles and such could make the collapse convincing without need of making the entire Rail a working model.

The beefy crewman could simply use rescaling/recoloring and the same attachment system seen in The Index to make them visually distinct.

The Sentients could all be re-colored or unchanged at all, and much like the Corpus, their need for new content would make implementing the variants (like the carriers) we have seen in cut-scenes a worthwhile endeavor.

The Void sequence could just be the player suspended in the skybox etc.

The only quest-specific new things that would need to be made are as follows-

  • Orokin Dias with animation rigging.
  • Skybox/image element of Sentient homeworld
  • Corpus Board Room
  • New Corpus Transport or re-vamped old model
  • Beefy crewman bossfight and potentially new armor
  • Relay additional wings for intro sequence.

And those last two can easily be removed and not affect the story.

Now this isn't to diminish the amount of work that would still need to go into the quest, especially with all the animation and voicing in mind and the inevitable issues that would crop up trying to re-purpose assets, but I did try and think of things that could be implemented with as little waste as possible.

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If this somehow made it in game, I'll go ahead and say I wouldn't be sleeping that night. Haven't exactly had a good read in a while so I can appreciate that. The Corpus and Sentients are both a little less fleshed out than the Grineer have been, and it'd be great to have them play bigger roles in the story as interesting as they are. This would be a fantastic introduction to the Tau system,  where more varieties of sentients could be found.


I'd have to agree about how amazing a Corpus city tileset would be though, maybe civillians in the distance, cargo ospreys and countless ships patrolling between the buildings... It would be quite a sight. The architecture of the buildings we've seen are quite beautiful already and I'd love to see a full fledged civilization. The Kuva fortress in particular can have you fighting airborne Archwing enemies on foot, so a few Gox patrolling as security proxies would be a nice sight.  Of course you'd have to block off roads here and there to prevent the map from being too massive, but I can only imagine the invasions/outbreaks.

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20 hours ago, StallordD said:

Now I don't hold any actual illusions that this would be implemented in any form, but I think it at least shows what I think would be a good way to execute a Corpus themed quest, expand their lore and background, introduce the much requested 'Corpus City' tileset, and naturally lead into the direction I PERSONALLY perceive the story to be headed. There are some curveballs I threw in with no basis, but in general, I think this would be a fitting way to expand established lore.

Now as another note, this script/quest layout is MASSIVE and intentionally so. There is tons of room for things to be removed, and a somewhat fitting point where the script can be broken into two parts (I think it's obvious where). To see what parts I think could easily be removed as well as the script itself, see the following spoiler.

Applause my good sir, many applause for your ability to capture Warframe's current story-telling style in your piece. While your current portrayal of the "void figure" feels a tiny bit iffy for me and the method by which the Sentients attempted to enter the Sol-Origin system (as well as the homeworld's portrayal) feels a bit off in my opinion, your Darvo/Frohd interactions and Corpussian social portrayals sparkle like diamonds. Even Maroo felt as natural as her current portrayal suggests. 

As a final bit, I would very much like to ask you in a private message about something in specific to your story. I'd say more here, but I don't want to see your master plan spoiled here.

Ring me up when ye have the time for a bitta discussion!


Unus, fellow world shaper and hopeless bum.

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1 hour ago, Unus said:

Applause my good sir, many applause for your ability to capture Warframe's current story-telling style in your piece. While your current portrayal of the "void figure" feels a tiny bit iffy for me and the method by which the Sentients attempted to enter the Sol-Origin system (as well as the homeworld's portrayal) feels a bit off in my opinion, your Darvo/Frohd interactions and Corpussian social portrayals sparkle like diamonds. Even Maroo felt as natural as her current portrayal suggests. 

As a final bit, I would very much like to ask you in a private message about something in specific to your story. I'd say more here, but I don't want to see your master plan spoiled here.

Ring me up when ye have the time for a bitta discussion!


Unus, fellow world shaper and hopeless bum.

Yeah, to be honest, I'm not a big fan of the 'Void' guy either, but that's because I'm not entirely sure where they're taking that story thread. I just went with it like it was a slightly more malicious "Outsider" from Dishonored.

As for the Sentients, I wasn't trying to imply that's how they originally came, but rather how they were willing to straight up throw themselves into something that might kill them just to have a CHANCE to get through quickly. Again, just my own interpretation of the Sentient's current state in their home system.

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3 minutes ago, StallordD said:

Yeah, to be honest, I'm not a big fan of the 'Void' guy either, but that's because I'm not entirely sure where they're taking that story thread. I just went with it like it was a slightly more malicious "Outsider" from Dishonored.

As for the Sentients, I wasn't trying to imply that's how they originally came, but rather how they were willing to straight up throw themselves into something that might kill them just to have a CHANCE to get through quickly. Again, just my own interpretation of the Sentient's current state in their home system.

My money is on the 'void' guy being Ballas, but that's just my two cents.

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Am I the only one that has just fully played this quest in their head, together with all the fitting voices, tilesets and game play. Man, this is one hell of Ana amazing script and this would be amazing to have. Great, solid story, no big gamechanging mechanics in it, just quest. I Love It!!!

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Only read the Intro Cinematic so far. It hella late here so i'll come back later for the rest. For now imma just ramble.


I do loooove the idea of more Corpus, but i doubt we get a Cinematic quest for them. In near future at least. DE seems to give those mainly to anything Tenno related, so Stalker, Sentinel and Grineer Ahoy! 

I don't get the alignment - issue Board has so far, Like said, gonna read more when i'm not in danger to pass out on my keyboard. Also the " -developing for several more months "  - Quote from US 4 sounds very unnatural even for Corpus. Could take another look at that?

I also do love these quest/ general ideas done in ... for fun? IDK. I like when people show their ideas, without the "supr sirius git ingame" - mindset that seems unfortunately be a must-have attitude here. Brainstorming concepts is a fun activity, even if you don't actually have any serious intends for it.  Taking everything seriously isn't fun. Duh.

If one nitpick, Frohd's name is written Frohd Bek, Not Behk. Sounds like a belch.

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On 11/19/2016 at 10:52 PM, OmegaShadowcry said:

My good StallordD, what you have written is a thing of beauty. My only remaining question is what the quest rewards would be. Anything special you had in mind?

Not particularly. A sigil of some sort, maybe a new weapon DE has in the pipeline somewhere. I was more focused on just drafting out the plot TBH.

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  • 2 weeks later...
On 11/20/2016 at 1:01 AM, StallordD said:

I just went with it like it was a slightly more malicious "Outsider" from Dishonored.

It seriously reminds me of the Altar from the Department 19 series, which is the evil entity that gave Dracula his powers. It offered him the darkness as a way to beat back his enemies, at the cost of his soul.

Either way, somone important from DE better see this.

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