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So i just completed the War within for the second time and noticed that there where 4 decisions to be made instead of just three from when i first played.

When i played through the quest the first time(choices have effect) the first choice we had to make with regards to what we did with the adults on the zariman was completely skipped over but in my replay(choices don't have any effect) i got to answer it.

As a result of this the karma badge my profile only highlights 3 nodes instead of 4, as it should, as in my replay(my tennos karma alignment is incomplete).

I do not know what the system will be used for in future or if anyone else has had this problem too but would it possible(assuming DE staff sees this thread) to allow myself and others to redo the quest, once through, with effect(now that many of the initial bugs have been fixed) so that we can properly set our preferred alignment.

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