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A silly concept for an orokin hacking minigame


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Okay, so basically imagine Bejeweled. But instead of gems, it has orokin symbols, and you have to match them and clear them. You can probably relate this to some hacking thing or something, I dunno, like it's a series of codes and passwords or circuits that let you bypass the system.

But on top of that, there is a timer. At the top of the board there's a series of white energy tree roots growing downward. The idea is to clear the way for these roots. You get a headstart, and the roots grow downwards towards the nexus at the bottom. If the roots get blocked, the energy slowly travels back upwards, and if it hits the top, it destroys the root. You need a minimum amount of roots to reach the bottom, so it would have maybe 3 chances before it locks you out. This can be achieved without a timer but either way works.

Instead of just clearing the board (which would be a bit tetris-y and simple), there would maybe be blockages interspersed throughout it. To remove these blockages, you have to match it up with a horizontal or vertical line of the same symbol (in traditional match-3 fashion), and it clears the way. To avoid waiting for the roots to grow and wasting time, as soon as the way is clear for a root, that one cleared root grows down almost instantly and locks in.

The challenge comes from matching the right ones in the right places to move matching symbols into position, instead of clearing them on sight.
Strategy like that isn't necessary, but can speed up the process.

I think it would be cool for the orokin to have their own hacking puzzle thing, but ideas are hard. Don't judge me. I like Bejeweled. It's hard to explain what I'm imagining but trust me, it would be cool. And not annoying at all, I promise.

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3 minutes ago, SPARTAN-187.Thanatos said:

Hmm... best I can relate are the Bioshock tube puzzles, but certainly seems very interesting to change up Spy and other hacking games with degrees of variety and difficulty.

It's very slightly similar to bioshock's puzzles only in that the timer is based on a thing moving.

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