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Infested Extreminate - Enemy Spawn Rate Problems


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My friend (Vauban) and I (Trinity) were playing at Acanth on Eris, which is an infested exterminate mission. We searched every container as resources were a priority. However, by the time we reached extraction we'd killed a mere 6 out of 100 enemies. We weren't running past them or anything, they simply didn't show. Once we reached extraction we headed back a room and then every minute or so 1 to 3 infested would spawn. This continued for an eternity until finally at 18 left they all spawned at once.


Needless to say, this made the mission completely boring. I am certain this is not how exterminate missions are intended to function. And as an added bonus, a mod drop fell into a location where it was completely inaccessible. I saved a screenshot of where the mod was trapped:



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