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Tenno Void powers suck against Sentient after War Within!


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Okay to clarify right up front.  I did not go through some sort of extensive testing.  I don't think it was needed.  Basically it was me after finishing the War Within going, "Huh?  Now that I have my operator has void power.  I bet those Sentient bastards on the moon will be easy to destroy."

Here is the rub on that.  They aren't any easier.  "Why is that?"  Good question.  I say talk to DE. 

All I did was run a crossfire exterminate mission with Ivara.  Let Oculist see me.  Stayed in prowl kill everything but the sentient.  Once all was killed.  Took the operator and void beamed them... or tried.

Basically during the Second dream quest when the operator is revealed for the first time.  we are tasked with extracting as our warframe carries us.  During said task we use out vast void powers against the sentient.  However after the War within and doing a mission on Lua (where sentients play) that void damage does greatly less then what it was.

I don't know if this intentional (which it problem is), but frankly that doesn't make any sense when it comes to the sentient.  The Detron Crewman imprint states:



Tuvul peered down at me, “And when it completes its task, what will prevent it from turning against us, as the Seven Principles say?”

“The flaw.”

Tuvul’s eyes narrowed, “The flaw?”

“The Void is poison to them. Once they have reached Tau they will be marooned there. To travel the rail here would destroy them.


Sure in the Second dream quest this flaw is obvious. As is in the video which you really only have to play for about 30 second shows below.


However outside of the war within this flaw isn't there. We tenno are blasting literally pure poison at the sentient.  Yet it still takes way to long to kill them in a Lua mission.

I know it sound a bit dumb that the greatest threat in the history of warframe can be killed by a 15 year old child outside its Warframe.  That is the case.   I am not saying that there needs to be a change to operator energy pools.  There does needs to be a change to the damage. 

I suggest that at a full energy pool.  A single long blast of our void beam should easily kill up to two Sentients before exhausting out.

Does that sound over powered?  I don't think so.  Remember a few things:

1. Our Tenno is squishy.
2. There are three sentient during any Lua mission when they arrive.
3. They are not the only mobs that the operator and warframe has to deal with.

So really it is rather balanced if I do say so myself... and I do.  :P

Either way DE has final say, but what does my fellow tenno say about this?

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Yes, void should do much more damage. Channeling used to be pointless meaning Sword Alone was suicide. I have no idea if that have been improved or no.

I mean that there are no Sentient-mods right?  No rifle mod giving +50% Impact against Sentients. At least I have never seen one.

Further,  bullets and blades were the most deadly against the Sentients in the Old War. But thats not true anymore since its all about having multi damage and elemental combos on all weapons.

But yeah, we should still be dangerous as Operators, but easy to kill as well.

And about that mechanic: blast away sentient resistances with the Operator. 

WHERE is this skill learned? This is the first I have heard of it and it should be among the top 5 things we learn when going to Lua.

At least this knowledge makes me hate fighting Sentients a bit less. Small mercies.

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