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Sonicor heavily glitched : holster glitch and destroyed ragdoll.


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Since The War Within update, the Sonicor seems to suffer a lot of glitches. One is a cosmetic glicth that looks kinda dumb, the other one however is heartbreaking.


As you can see here, it looks like my Sonicor fused with my Volt's hips. It looks silly, and not specially funny either. A minor graphical bug.

However the second bug is really saddening for whoever likes ragdolling enemies everywhere like I do : the Sonicor seems to have lost a lot of its ragdolling potential in a glitchy way. If you shoot at enemies with an unmodded Sonicor, enemies will just do a pityful jump above the ground before falling on their butt. Really not fun. Things gets wierder when equipping my fully modded Sonicor : enemies will do a gigantic jump in the sky but still remain somewhat near where I hit them. Basically, it looks like the Sonicor lost most of its ability to push enemies horizontally. I did a video footage of the bug :

Hopefully those two bugs will be corrected with the next hotfix. :)


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