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[Spoiler] Riven Mod woes & a suggested fix


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Notice: Information in this thread may contain spoilers to the War Within Quest. You have been warned.

Addressing the Issue: Riven mods are a good idea on paper allowing seldom used weapons a chance of competing without directly buffing them. However, sadly the execution was done poorly (sadly in DE style) but was then hastily fixed (also in DE style). This addressed the fact that you had a better chance to roll over dead before getting the perfect roll, never mind a decent one. This thread didn't have 'woes' in the title for no reason however. Although the recycle cost has been significantly reduced, the randomness is still far too much(for the weapon & stats). The reason this system works for other games but not war frame is their are tons of stats that can be changed such as: crit dmg, crit chance, dmg, elemental dmg(4), status chance, fire-rate, clip size, reload speed, Bane of (faction) etc. Not to mention someone with cosmetic OCD (such as myself) having a mental break down seeing #s with odd decimals!

TD:DR: Too random, too many statistics, chances of the roll you want slim to none

Fixing the Issue: There are several fixes for this issue, I will address one.

The Fix: Allow players to select the weapon the mod is compatible by unveiling it on that weapon. Then allow players to select stats that the Riven mod has & "lock" them with say, a Kuva cost. For the first stat, the price is 900 and it scales like it does currently. A locked stat can also be unlocked with a Kuva cost. Locked stats DO NOT change upon re-rolls. Stats would not be random, but fixed & become increasingly powerful with each level the mod has. A riven mod shouldn't beat metal auger with its punch through stat, but it should combine another 2 stats. This means if I want to shoot through a wall, metal auger is better. However if I want to shoot through a enemy and have bonus dmg, the riven is superior. Now for negative stats on a riven.. although I wouldn't like to see this (ofc I wouldn't) for each stat that is locked, the chances of a imperfection become higher. After a stat lock, maybe the chances are increased that you screw up in the process and get a negative trait. Negative traits can be locked however, preventing any other negative trait from rearing its ugly head or even strengthening the existing traits?

Argument A) If players can select the weapon that the riven mod will be bounded too, everyone will go for the best weapons.

Counter argument for A) Riven disposition should come into effect here. It should be possible to make a soma better than what it currently already is, but by a fraction of the improvements a gorgon riven mod will bestow.

Example: My riven mod provides +90% fire-rate & dmg. On a soma, it would only be 30% fire-rate & dmg. On a gorgon, it would be 90% fire-rate & dmg. These numbers are just for example, 30% more fire-rate on the soma is just flatly OP.

If you see any holes, punch through them. I wish to make this fair thread from DEs P.o.v & the players P.o.v. Also if you have a idea that you believe is better, post it and I will try to apply it into my thread.

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