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A small idea,regarding these new icons,and perhaps future gameplay


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First of all,Salutations

T here,thinking about something ...yet again...Some of you may've noticed that Baro now had a small icon,slowly moving towards larunda,and that's not even the biggest moving thing in the starmap-the (slight spoiler) kuva fortress is also moving slowly,if you have been paying attention.....Anyway,i've been thinking-remember the tresure ship alerts?..these ones, that were basically ships with credits (50 k)....Could we perhaps see such,or different ships appearing in the starmap-perhaps these small icons will appear every now and then,orbiting a planet,or simply moving.....i can't help but dream of locating such ship,marked with grineer of corpus icon,and taking it out,first going with archwing,taking out the local defense,be it turrets or small ships/crewman with jetpacks-and then taking out the engines,blowing a hole in perhaps a small room,and entering it,switching to "normal" mode....then doing something like sabotage,or maybe something new....and going out in our known fashon.....I'd love seeing something like this in the game,utilizing both archwing and the new starmap moving icons...if you could somehow support this idea,if you agree it would mean a lot,haha....or don't I really don't mind it....I'm curious though,what do you think about something like this?Would you play something like it?Would you enjoy such small things in general-moving icons with ships or stuff?...I can't help but think that it would make warframe feel a bit bigger than it already is-you see,these icons,and small things,such as seeing civil ships through the relay windows,or in the background of some planets makes the warframe universe feel big and alive....but hey,that's just a small idea i wanted to share,i'd figure someone has,in fact,thought of something like this,perhaps the very same,and if he or she has made a post,im sorry for doing it again...

..so,thoughts?....im really curious....

Thanks for reading,sorry for bothering you! 

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