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[War Within Spoilers] Tenno Bugs


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Whenever i turn into my Tenno (by pressing 5) while i'm not the host, i can't sprint (shift). A bug that also happens when you're not player #1 is that it looks like you have the Zariman set equipped even though you don't. You still have your equipped clothes on as the Tenno, but the whole Zariman set is clipping over it. You basically have a clipping Zariman set on and you can't sprint when it doesn't say 1 in the top right corner. Please fix both of these bugs, Thanks!

But even with these bugs, the update is still amazing and completely mindblowing! Keep up the good work DE, next time i'd like to see the Tennos able to wield weapons ;)

I haven't really been on these forums alot, and now i realise this should be in the bug section, so I made a new post in the bug section. I guess this is gonna stay here untill i find out how to delete posts :P

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