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Encountered the following bugs

- Starting a mission, seeing it search for teammates and then kicking me back to the star map.

- Joining mission drops me of at the start of the mission instead of at allies that are already halfway across the map.

- After completing the mission the host starts the new mission while i am still in transit to landing craft, im am trown into the new mission and im stuck with a mission succes screen. Cant do anything except press t to talk.

- Operator void dash does not work for my controller set-up even after update.

-  The very frequent frame drops that can last up to 5 seconds each.

- These framedrops also casues my warframe to face radically different directions after them.(up to 180 degrees) while im not even doeing anything with my controller.

Some of these bugs  are literally making the game unplayable for me at the moment, hope u can fix them soon.

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