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New Players? JUST DieNASTY Join DyiNasty Clan - <3 -


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Join D y i N a s t y :vazarin: New Players Need A Clan Join Us we Have All The Info :vazarin: Get The Help And Individual Support You Need :vazarin: Join  D y i N a s t y

Joining a Clan Is Cool But..... Is it Cool if you Are not noticed? Join Us For Everything you need in any Clan.

Labs : Have All Research Done expect 1 or 2 items Total But are Building Every Day.

My InGameName : LovelySuicide - Steam Name is [Ex]Soyuja 

If You Need Help Join Our Discord Server For Questions @

https://discord.gg/9bqnKut Or Add Me DyiNasty#2998

We Are Looking For New Players Or Old To Help And Give Support.

Our Emblems are In But If You Want to Change or Add Anything Please Send me Photos or anything you want to change.

Dojo is Great Built in 1 Day, We Are 2 Weeks New.

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