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Riven changes going froward.


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I'll preface this with a statement that I did not play Warframe for nearly a year, hate the very idea of Riven mods(including the excuse for adding them), and only do this because Riven mods as an idea are so horrible that even as an inactive player they enrage me. If I ever wanted to get back into the game, Riven mods are strong deterrent.

With the above said, I find it a worthwhile exercise to offer feedback on how to salvage this garbage, so here's a few sentences on what could make the system tolerable going forward.


Disposition is too vague, and since we only see that vague description, we have to assume that there's only 3 tiers of it, which is not enough for how broad the range of disparities in weapon balance is. Disposition should be given to the players as a specific, numerical value.

RNG dictating what stats you get is bad enough, RNG dictating their magnitude makes the system even worse. In a majority of cases, the impact of the chance based fluctuation is negligible at best, so it should be removed. It would be one less factor to worry about when deciding to keep or re-roll a mod.

The power efficiency of mods is currently entirely dependent on the stats rolled, which contributes to some of the Riven mods being worthless, despite interesting stat combinationsThe magnitude of various effects and/or the equip cost of the mod, should be based on the number of stats rolled.

Weapon restrictions are entirely unnecessary with disposition in play. With disposition as a factor for how power of a mod is calculated there is nothing, save for the desire to artificially extend the grinding time, that would require the mods to be locked to a specific weapon. The calculation of the impact Disposition has on a Riven mod can be done after it is equipped, instead of when it is unveiled, in a fashion similar to how bows receive twice the benefit from Firing Rate.


Thank you for your attention.

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