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Item selection window not showing after accepting trade request from a specific person


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I play warframe with this one friend of mine most of the time and lately every time we want to trade the item selection window doesnt show up. At first we thought maybe network connection problem and the GUI lags, so we waited for awhile, it still wont show. We tried again the next day and its the same. We tried trading both at our clan's trading post and maroo's bazaar and both of them doesnt work either. This has been going on for 2 or 3 days at the time of this posting.

Now the weird thing is through out those 2-3 days I traded with other people alot and they were all fine.


As you can see from the screenshot, both with the same person and in our clan's trading post and Maroo's bazaar respectively. After we accepted the trade request (both of us tried to initiate the trade at our dojo's trading post, no luck.), the GUI just stuck. Trade window doesnt show, cant move, cant click anything, nor can we click the exit button on the lower right.

Now the problem is, right now Baro's here (Nov 18-20, 2016) and he wants to buy primed pressure point. I want to give my prime items to him so he can use it as ducats. But well, you get the idea. Of course I can just buy it for him and give him the mod later, but then he'd have to pay a million credits tax for trading with me whereas that same amount of credit can be used to help rank up the mod instead.



So just now I completed a trade with someone else just fine. While my friend went to Maroo's bazaar and randomly initiated a trade with one of the sellers there and he said the trade window showed up. Then we both went back to our dojo to try again and it doesnt work, still stuck. (Nov 20, 2016)

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