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low fps HELP!



so im getting a very low fps, like 10-15 fps since the silver groove update, before that the game run at 60-75 fps

here are my specs 

intel pentium dual core 2.6

4gb ram

1gb nvidia geforce gt 610 not integrated

i put the game at minimum graphics and it still runs at 10-15 fps


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Unfortunately not. Each series of cards (600, 700, 800 etc.) have different variations (10, 20, 30, 40 etc.) ranging from weakest (10) to strongest (90). The 10 is not recommended for gaming AT ALL - it can do it, but it's not GOOD at it. That's pretty much what you're seeing right now.

The 600 series was released in March, 2012. That's even before Warframe. And it was LOW end at the time, it was literally a rebranded 520, which was the second-lowest offering of the PREVIOUS generation.

I'm sorry dude, your card just isn't strong enough anymore.

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