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Most Satisfying Sounds


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Let's take a break about TWW and talk about the most satisfying sounds in the game. My top 3 would be

3. Lato's firing sound.

Something about it just feels right to me. Every time I fire it, it just sounds superb.

2. Tyl Regor's voice.

That sexy sexy voice is just oddly satisfying. "It's HAMMER TIME!"

1. Operator room music.

I could just stay in that room all day and feel like I've done my daily Warframe stuff. It just sounds so relaxing.

Special Mentions:

Most annoying sounds - Simulor's fire and Excalibur's swish swoosh.

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On the top of my head currently :

1.Buzlok's firing sound.

I don't even like that gun, but hot diggity, the sound it makes is straight up satisfying.

2.Level-up sound.

I go on a forma-frenzy from time to time. It's pretty self-explanatory.

3.The ''roar'' when Atlas punches stuffs.

It just is. If it weren't for the others he would have won by a Landslide.

I knew something was off. Someone mentioned Braton, which reminds me of this

Like, holy Hek, that puts it on par with Buzlok's

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4 minutes ago, The_Vile_Blade said:


3.The ''roar'' when Atlas punches stuffs.

It just is.

Damn right it is.


1) valkyr's scream when entering hysteria.

it tells the enemy exactly what's coming for them.


2) atlas. Landslide.

see quote.


3) the sound of loki's disarm.

music to my ears and a bad day for everything around me.

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10 minutes ago, p3z1 said:

Headshots. That crunch sound is damned satisfying.

1) This Above ^

2) Inaros's Devour

3) Every single kavat sound.. ALL of them.. rolled into one.. one and the same.

Honorable Mention : Ivara's cloak arrow.. that hum... just that hum.

For least favorite sounds :
1) Limbo's Cataclysm.. cause I know I'm going to be denied either loot, or shots, or both.

...that's about it actually.

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  1. Ninkondi, quick melee, pure awesomesauce.
  2. Various Shotguns,
  3. wish for pump action,
  4. duplex action is sweet.
  5. Lever Action like Marelok and Grinlok.

Oh and least favorite is Mirage's sound, for think Hall of Mirrors, find it all too distracting.

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TWW spoiler! Not a single mention of the sound when you

find a Kuva Siphon

? :D No. 2 would be heatshots. No. 3 for me is when Resonance happens. The most disappointing imo is Soma P's firing sound compared to the original one. They tweaked it a bit, but still the original is way better.

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