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Kuva Collection Own Mission


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Making a Kuva Siphon appear in Grineer maps is just ridiculous. They just appear by chance and the probability of it seems pretty low after going through Rusalka almost ten times now. (sometimes more)

So I suggest you make Kuva collecting have it's own mission node. Something similar as Excavation but only with Kuva Siphons. One Kuva Siphon appears then after collecting 4 for tenno or 8 for Grineer who collects first. A new Kuva Siphon would appear in a different area. Similar to Excavation

I' m just sick of going through the same mission over and over again, hoping a Kuva Siphon appears

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11 minutes ago, Sekinin said:

[Kuva Siphons on a designated Excavation-like tile please]

The Tenno are not strong enough right now and deserve:



-Shields, based on Warframe stats and mods (health mods are halved and then added as shields).

-To use their Warframe's sidearm.

-To roll, slide, and crouch without Voiding.

-To have their powers be influenced by Warframe stats and mods.

-To have their powers be heavily augmented by the selected Focus.

-To be able to float, as they do when using Focus powers (holding aim while in the air, costs energy to sustain).


Above their current abilities:



-To carry any pickup-enabled item, including power cells and datamasses, and keep them on their person, even when returning to/from Warframe.

-To revive allies.

-To pick up all, except Affinity, loot.

-To hack things.


This would allow them more utility. As for Kuva, instead of just Endo, Sorties should reward Kuva aswell as Endo so that roll isn't worthless, and Sorties should select three rewards instead of one as to make it worth doing. Furthermore, Kuva Siphons should also spawn like Assassins, but exclusively on the Fortress in 'mini-Galleon' tiles that would be boarded through Archwing transition.

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17 minutes ago, Naftal said:

Something that doesn't involve the teeno please.

What? Of course the Tenno's are involved. Their Void Dash is the only thing that can get Kuva's.

What I want is for DE to give Kuva Siphons it's own mission node. Treat it like an Excavation mission without the batteries or defending it

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