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Serious bug after host migration


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Was doing Axi defense in public. It had 3 minutes left so I prayed for a good team. And it was a good team thanks to the Lotus.

At 5th wave, we got tigris prime blueprint. Two players left, but the other two (including me) decided to stay because if the wonderful mechanic implemented in U19.

Thing is that everything got screwed up. One of the players who left was the host. After the host migration, we both got bugged and stuck at the cutscene you always get at the beginning of every mission. We couldn't use the chat, nor anything. Of course, we failed the mission. And of course, we didn't get our loot (the Tigris prime bp, moreover). And, of course, we couldn't go back in the mission because it was already gone.

Summarizing, a waste of time, a waste of resources, and a waste of efforts. Fix these disgusting issues... This time, it happened only at wave 5, and I can let that pass. But I can't even imagine something like this happens after wave 40, when people spend hours of their valuable time (which is valuable to you), to get this. And there are many other time wasting issues like this.


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