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[TWW Spoilers] My problems with the new system


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First off, let me say I'm not against the transference/operator system. I think it's very interesting and can open up a lot of possibilities. However, right now, there is almost no motivation at all to use the operator. In this post, I'll be addressing the problems that cause this and their possible solutions. Keep in mind these are only my 2 cents on the subject. Other people may have already had the same ideas that I do, and you may disagree with some of them. I won't be addressing Riven mods, as they are another subject entirely. Also, please excuse my English, I'm not native so expect typos and grammatically incorrect sentences.

So, with that said, let's get started.

The operator is objectively weaker

One of the main reasons few people will use their operator in regular missions is that they are far weaker than warframes. Their abilities have very few utility and their health is ridiculous. Even Loki, the weakest warframe in health and shields, has over four times the durability of operators without any mods. And I find the price to pay when they are defeated to be too steep: losing all the energy can be catastrophic for some frames, especially solo. Playing as the operator also puts your warframe at risk. While enemies may not directly attack it, I found myself killed by a Toxic Ancient while I was running around as my operator. The operators have also very few customization options. Apart from aesthetics, all operators play the same.

Their abilities are mostly useless. The range for Void Blast makes it not worth using, except for Kuva guards. Void Dash is also awful as it is: with bullet jumping, a warframe can cover about the same distance, and it's got cost at all. The same goes for Void Mode: with a Loki, you can have thrice the duration of that invisibility with more mobility and very little energy cost. While it may be useful for stealth with slower/non invisible frames, I think it's not useful enough (a skilled player can go through the most difficult spy vaults with, let's say, rhino without having to rely on the operator). Void Beam is almost a joke. The damage falloff is ridiculous, its range is shorter than many beam weapons and it also consumes a lot of void energy. The only thing good about it is that it removes sentient's adaptability. However, what I think kills all those abilities is the Void Energy required to use them. It is very quickly depleted, as everything an operator can do spends it, and it isn't refueled automatically after returning to your warframe. Your void energy isn't even clearly indicated, the "fading" reticle makes it hard to know your exact void energy.

Even worse, we have absolutely no reason to use transference in normal gameplay. Taking away Kuva guards, playing as the operator basically makes you weaker in every sense, and puts you at risk of losing all your energy and even dying.

Transference makes focus even more irrelevant

Right now, all focus is good for are the passive abilities. The actual active ability is mostly useless, as they take way too long to unlock for their not-so-useful effects. I think focus was intended to show the power of the operator unleashed, but now that they can directly participate in combat, focus has lost that too. More dramatically, the madurai phoenix gaze is basically the same as the Void Beam, although with a bit more damage (which also falls offs very quickly as the enemies scale). So, right now, focus has lost what little had to make it interesting outside the overpowered passive abilities.

How to fix transference?

I find the whole transference system to be more of a gameplay element related to the War Within quest than something intended for the main game. Its current implementation makes it just another feature that will only be used for specific circumstances, in this case, kuva farming. But I think it could be transformed into a much more interesting system with some changes.

First off, the operator needs to be more resistant, or at least the costs of being defeated as the operator much smaller. The warframe also needs to be invulnerable, or more resistant to damage. The abilities would also need to be revamped, and the void energy system would need a complete overhaul. For example, the void dash could be made free, and the void blast's range could be improved and it could perhaps have more cc utility. The Void Mode could be made like Ivara's invisibility, it might even regenerate energy while standing still. The void blast would need to use another kind of ammo, not the same as the abilities, or have its consumption greatly reduced.

Another needed feature is a reason to use the operator. We need more enemies like the kuva guards, which need the use of transference to be defeated. Additionally, the operators could serve as a counter for some units, making it easier to defeat them, like removing the sentient's adaptability. Perhaps their beams could ignore nullifier bubbles. Another option is to make missions which are either easier to complete with operators or require them to be used. Maybe even special operator-only missions, with rewards like Riven mods and such.

The operators need also to scale with enemies and be, to some extent, customizable. I think we could have different abilities, and would need to choose which ones to equip (for example, we could either have Void Blast or some kind of shield to mitigate damage). That way, each operator would play differently, depending on what the player chooses. Making specific operator-only mods could be an option, but I don't encourage it, as I think it would add another layer of endo/mod farming. A more interesting option would also solve the problems of focus: make focus affect the operator, and not the warframe. Each school could have different abilities and upgrades for the operator, and maybe we could combine abilities from different schools for greater effect.

I'm aware it's unlikely that most of these ideas make it into the game, but, any of them inspire DE to improve the game, I'll be more than happy for having been able to help.

TL;DR? The transference system is far from perfect, but it could be improved with changes to abilities and operators.

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It was said during the latest DEvsream that Focus was going to play a huge part in the overall usability of Transference and with the Operators themselves. (Direct and passive upgrades are possible.) They're working on it though. Apparently they were waiting for Operators to become a bit more 'active' before tweaking Focus at all.

Kinda sucks it was this way since last December though, but hopefully we can expect some changes very S00nTM

Also, I really think that Operator upgrades are going to tie into the Focus system after a rework, rather than the traditional modding system we use for Companions, Warframes and Weapons. I agree with pretty much everything else you said however.

Operators need to be less squishy, their powers need diversity and strengths against certain enemies (such as Sentients, because they are, according to the lore, weak to the Void.) and all that other stuff.

Nice post.

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Just so long as the devs don't try and fix issues with operator mods I will be fine and happy.

The second we see operator mods is the second I start having conniptions.

Personally, I would like to see something interesting with void mode to the point where you might also be able to see enemies through walls like scanners. Also void blast should open an unalerted enemy to tenno finishers! where you basically fry their @$$ with with a heat beam or some nonsense.

What would be REALLY fun is having a void blast open up an enemy to a tenno finisher (even if alerted) and executing a finisher would do some form of effect based on your chosen school.


***Tenno damage should also be somewhat comparable or scale with current equipment? Something or other so the damage is consistent with the mission.**

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Oh yeah...
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