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The last TWW scene, the Lotus, the infested, the warframes, and not umbra.


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I say AGGP's video of the war within with commentary and for a moment I thought I head it say Tenno instead of Kiddo. I was wrong, of course, I triple checked everything. But that made me think. We kinda know that it is not the queen, as she says that she was rejected, and we know only one other person who called us kiddo. I am a fan of the "It is the void" theory but, lets put that aside along with the "kiddo" part and think.


Who is it that we are dependant on?

The void? Yes we kind of are, since we were made powerful and immortal (ageless). But is that it?

The warframes? YES! Now that is a question. We do depend on them like hell. We do need them, and we are nothing without them.


But what is the warframe? It sure as hell is not our dead parents. Since the entry says "only the children were on board" then no adult made it out.

It could be the big secret, the infestation. DE Steve said at pax Australia that the new infested frame would be tied to a big part of the lore, an important one. I believe that there is infestation-like material pulling the warframe together. Because the golden maw was at least an AI, so how do we transfer to a frame? To what? To a hollow body, yes, but to a hollow mind as well. The frame would need at least some kind of neural system or tissue to keep it together, and move.

Transference is the power to transfer ourselves in another body and move it as it would move itself. Plus some void energy.

All of that would explain why the voice is happy when we drink the kuva. Corruption is fun (and powerful)!


Lotus will probably play a big part in what's to come. We will fight. There may be a choice to stray from her.

But it all leads to the sun/moon/neutral system. All the next quest content to arrive, even quests for frames, will have alignment choices in them. 

Umbra may be a part of it, or the end of it. Or nothing to do with it at all.


To answer my first question, I believe its both. Void and frame infestation becoming somehow sentient. Something broke the War sword. And we do have a special connection to our warframe, to be able to teleport into it at any time.


I fear, Tenno, that the war within has just begun.

Void will be the long question that the answer of will probably come with umbra or the peak of the choices system. And that is quite far.

Infestation is the question that will be answered this December. They have said that infested frame and door will be coming, together or not, and they will have answers. Answers that will make us to what we will be.



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As for me, i recommend suspending people's ability to post in forums for a day for mentioning word Umbra. Its too overused, so much i hope it will be deployed only in chinese client.

Warframes are Orokin creation, warframes was not found on Zariman ship. They found children with special abilities. 

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The Warframes are definitely involved with that last scene in some way or another.
Who else did the Operator owe? The Warframe took a blow for the Operator, and saved them in the Second Dream from the Stalker.

Very intriguing.
I had my own personal thoughts on the subject, but I can't really recall them at the moment.

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